How my mediumship began

My medium development began in early 2000 when spirit broke through when I was giving a massage. Through the encouragement of a counselling friend who was also a clairvoyant herself,  I began attending psychic fairs in Newcastle and Morpeth, sitting in silence as I  massaged and bought through messages of hope and validation for people. A couple of years later, I began a relationship which took me off course spiritually, yet was rich with deep soul life lessons for me.

Limping away from that, (2009) a shadow of who Id once been,  I entered a period of deep soul healing. There was a lot of walking on the beach, asking the big questions. Why had I gone through all this? What was it all about? Did I attract it in, like the Law of Attraction suggests? I had so many questions I desperately needed answers to.

Over the next year, I began attending meditation classes and it was here that spirit made it’s presence felt again. I decided this time, I wanted to understand what was happening,  so I began attending medium development workshops.

This journey has been a truly fascinating and rewarding beyond anything I have ever done so far in my life. I feel ‘lit from within’ when I make a spirit contact and am able to help someone who is grieving to hear from their beloved. It also brings me great joy to help a soul who feels lost, alone, or living with uncertainty. Believe me, I’ve been there.

Over the past few years I’ve attended workshops and sat in circles. I’ve sought out teachers I’ve felt a resonance with. Spirit has been guiding me solidly on this journey and it’s a privilege to be at a point in my life, where I’m ready to begin doing readings once again, with so much more knowledge, self awareness and compassion.

You have found me for a reason.