Dealing with Grief

Grief is rarely a topic discussed much in the west. We are usually so ill prepared for it when it hits. Yet the grief of a loved one, can take quite a while to recover from, years in fact, especially if taken suddenly or unexpectedly. That wave of emotion can hit you like a escalating waterfall. Some days you wonder which way is up. You may even feel as if a piece of you has died alongside them.

I know the feeling, as my brother died when I was 19. It took many years to recover from his passing. He was only 24 years old.

Seeing a medium was a pivotal healing point for me. Up until then, I was floundering, lost in a sea of grief and anguish. There were days I didn’t want to get up and face the world and was on auto pilot. Through a series of ‘synchronicities’ three months after his passing, I ended up seeing Doris Stokes, at a public demonstration. I was the second person chosen from the audience and her messages from my brother left me in no doubt, he was right there.

I absolutely believe that evening changed the trajectory of my life. Even though I had no idea that one day, I too, would be able to connect with the spirit world and bring through evidence to prove a spirits energy exists, after death.

I always remember a Indian quote I read many years ago, ‘when a soul is born, we cry, when a soul passes on, we celebrate.’

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