co-incidence OR ?

I was humming and hahing about going to the shops.

I didn’t feel like it – oh let’s get it over with… come on… and so, with a deep sigh I pulled on my boots and off I drove. No sooner had I pulled into a parking lot when I spotted a dear friend of mine, a fellow in his 80’s pushing his shopping trolly.

I was shocked to see him because I knew where he lived and he didn’t usually shop here.

‘HEY, what are you doing here?’   OH Loni am I glad to see you – actually, I’m LOST!’ He was visibly shaken in this unfamiliar territory and I touched his hand gently and asked ‘tell me where you drove in.’

Once he told me about the ’roundabout’ I knew which escalator he needed and was able to direct him in the complete opposite direction to what he was currently in.

We joked. He used to call me ‘cinders’ because of my occasional fanatical cleaning when I lived at his house a few years ago. \ ‘Well, I aint Cinders today huh?’ I joked with him.

‘No, you’re my angel’ he sighed.

I was thinking more along the lines of  fairy god mother but angel will do.

Isn’t that just amazing? I was only visiting the shop NEXT to the shopping centre when suddenly I received a text to say my glasses were ready. Had that text not come in at that precise moment, I would have driven home. But because of the text, I drove to the nearest carpark, which was the opposite end of where my friend had parked and alas, I bumped into him.

Mere Co-incidence?

Interested in your thoughts.