Change n walking the talk

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That one word can run shivers down the strongest of spines. Yet with each step of the way it is one word that promises to give more than it takes away. It all depends on us and our willingness to let go, redefine our lives and have immense courage knowing that we can cope no matter what the Universe throws our way.

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How are our coping skills around change? Someone said recently that they have no fear. Fair enough. Do they still have ‘no fear’ if they lose everything overnight? If they are asked to give it all up and walk into the unknown? Hows ones ‘fear level’ then?  It seems to me that we humans are ‘fearless’ when things are going our way. We are creatures of comfort. We have money in the bank, a home to call our own. It’s pretty easy to say Im fearless in those circumstances isn’t it?  Yet what if that is all stripped away? What if quite literally, everything is gone. BAM. You are asked to let it all go and have complete trust. Lets face it, it’s far easy to talk the talk than it is to walk the talk.

Scary thought huh?


I remember reading Peace Pilgrim many years ago and was in awe of her amazingly courageous journey. At mid life she let everything go….take a breath here, EVERYTHING just imagine that for a moment….  and embarked on a walk ‘for peace’ across America.

How many people do you honestly know who would have the courage of this woman? So I ask you to ponder, just for a few moments and think about how your being asked to let go? To change course? To alter your perception, your diet, your exercise routine, your job, what ever it may be?

Pause. Reflect. Breathe. And above all, TRUST.   xx



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