Double Rainbow

What a week.

And so apt that last week I blogged about ‘Change’ which is about being adaptable and willing to let go… of … relationships, people, jobs, what ever no longer serves us. AND so, some of you know, I set sail to Sydney as I thought I was heading to a ‘dream job’. Too good NOT to at least, try.  However, it soon became apparent that I did not have all the facts to make an informed decision and once again, was thrown a curve ball.

Yet is was also a grande opportunity to face my own principles. Those old questions arose again ‘was my need to please and gain approval of others going to dictate my now inadequate situation? Or was I going to stand my ground, speak my truth and set forth, yet again, amid my life feels topsy turvy and transitory?

I’m getting better (finally) at knowing what is NOT going to serve me. And so, as I drove out of Sydney back towards Brisbane feeling ‘what on earth was THAT all about?’ suddenly I saw this. A double rainbow. It came out of the blue. I drove into it and in a split second (well, about 20 seconds to be precise) it was gone.

double rainbow.JPG

It took my breath away, far more beautiful than this photograph could ever capture.

I looked up what a double rainbow meant : According to the art and philosophy of Feng Shui,double rainbows “are considered symbolic of transformations in your life. The material world is represented by the first rainbow while the second rainbow is the spiritual world.’


Sometimes we don’t know what’s around the corner, we can act in good faith and make decisions on the information we are given. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. Yet as I saw this rainbow I suddenly felt that this past week had all been a test. Was I going back into old patterns that were hardwired into my brain? Or was I going to be gusty and brave and say no… and stay true to my self as I grow in self  love? Lub loni xx


That lil word ‘change’

Never has a word struck more fear into the hearts of many than the word Change. It can show up in an instant and cripple even the strongest of men. How we react around the changing circumstances of our lives really tests us on the deepest level. Recently someone said to me ‘oh I have no fear’ yet it is very easy to say that when you are living a comfortable life isn’t it? Far harder if you lose everything overnight! What then? How’s your fear barometer doing? How do you sit with the word Change? What needs attention or changing in your world?

ports light house

I love the story of  Neal Donald Walsch, a man whom had no health insurance and found himself penniless after an accident.  He is living proof that so often “change”  gives us opportunities that we never ever considered. Yet what courage is required of us to literally walk out into the world penniless!! We humans are creatures of habit and enjoy our comforts and lets face it, it’s easy to talk the talk. Of course we feel fearless when we have a roof over our head, money in the bank and our immediate future looking pretty okay. Far more challenging when we are put to the test!


Which brings me to the next person whom I have adored for many years. She left her old life as she knew it, for a spiritual calling in her 50’s and walked across America in aid of peace. Her name was Peace Pilgram and her simple life embraced a rich inner spirituality.

In the hope of inspiring and encouraging you to grow, to take on fresh opportunities, to step outside of maybe your comfort zone…. embrace something different and remember to breathe, relax in the letting go of what is no longer required and trust….. xx


In memory of Guz

My sister in law passed over into the spirit world over Easter.

I saw her when I visited W.A. in February. I knew how ill she was, poor love. Cancer had well and truly ravaged her.  As she walked me to my car one afternoon, I felt we were saying goodbye. I hugged her fragile body and really couldn’t find words to say. Goodbye feels so final. ‘See ya later’ is what I usually say, but this day, something caught in my throat. I knew her time was severely limited and felt particularly sad for her kids and my brother who had been with her for many many years.

I reflected on primary school and meeting Guz who wanted to play in my netball team. Being captain, I had to make any necessary changes each week, listen to girls who wanted to play different positions and adjust the team accordingly. She always had an easy going laugh about her which I instantly warmed to. Who knew that one day, a couple of decades up the track, she would marry one of my brothers?

Over the years we drifted apart. I moved away. We lived in different states and at times it felt like we lived on different planets. People grow apart, interests change and some move on. Yet recently, when I was back home, I realised something hadn’t changed that much. We linked back into a past we could both recall. Times before children were born, before partners and divorces, and long before family fall outs over trivial issues.

And so as I sit thinking about Guz as we affectionately called her at school, I know that life goes on. We feel our sadness and accept our grief. None of us know how long we have. Anything can happen and I try to always be mindful of a quote I recently read….

“We are all just walking each other home.”

picsof albany denmark 055.jpg




The Healing Power of Mediumship

I listened to a medium speak recently about his struggles with being a medium.  The heightened sensitivity was a issue and as he threw his hands in the air said ‘who would be a medium – really? It’s not as easy as it looks.’

And i get that – 100% .  The heightened sensitivity to everything especially to other peoples vibrations, air craft noise that fly constantly overhead, traffic, sirens and walking around a shopping centre can totally drain you. Negativity can de-rail you if your feeling more vulnerable than usual and yep, it can be totally exhausting on every level. Throw in the mix our working lives which help support ourselves as we develop our spiritual gifts.

Yet, there are things we can actively do to help our sensitivity.  We can incorporate more tranquility into our lives, either by choosing our living environment wisely or sitting daily in meditation to help strengthen our selves. Preferably both. Taking time out is vital too, I know sometimes I’ve been too busy, running here, there, helping, working until there’s not much left in the tank.

And it’s so important to have our energy in tact! It’s our vital life force, our connection to the earth, our state of health physically and emotionally which needs to be kept strong in order to do this extraordinary work.

Make no mistake about it – it is extraordinary rewarding, poignant work when we begin to work with the subtle energies of the spirit world. It is soul to soul work. It is real. Listening for the whispers on the breeze, the intuitive insights, the flashes of feeling as the spirit realm attempt to communicate through us, the channel, to reach someone who is living. Someone who needs to know that life goes on.

As a medium, we have the unique ability to touch a human living soul on the deepest level. We are true healers. When you can bring through evidence that a soul is still around,  that a loved one continues to watch over you, walk alongside you, smile at your quirky ways, well, that is God’s work. Nothing more, nothing less.

A medium demonstrates the unique power of healing, not of the body, but of the soul.  There is no greater gift as far as I’m concerned. They can also be powerful conductors of healing energy too, should they wish to help heal bodies. For me, it was the message of hope that was given after my brother died by Doris Stokes that was my life changer.

There is no greater meaning to life than living in spirit, having a knowledge of spirit and helping those that need to know that their loved ones are closer than they know. So to all my fellow mediums out there, please don’t give up on your journey. Your gift is needed.

And the journey is worth it.


Mick Leary

My brother.  Mick.  He was 24 when he ended his life.

I was 19…..

He was laugh out loud funny.


As a kid I’d spy him walking up the drive way with his surfer mates (aged 15 -16 ) and feel the thrill of excitement wash over me. I thought  (in my pre teen mind) that ‘they’ were all so cool, good looking, funny and ‘if only’ I could join them,  (which seemed a distant fantasy.) They lived to surf and since our house was 2 streets from the beach…. it was ‘the pad’ to go to after a surf. I’d walk into the kitchen some mornings when they would arrive back and hang around hoping (praying) for a scrap of attention. Even a ‘hey lon’ would have done.. but they were too intent sitting around the toaster warming their frozen hands amid stifled laughs and cooking toast to satisfy their starving stomachs to notice me…..


Thats Mick, with the blonde locks.


Ymick 2 formal.JPG

There he is again, the blonde with a cigar (how did he get away with that?) The groovy 70’s

mick surfing comp.JPG

Here he is again, (I didn’t even know about the surf comp until coming to Albany and staying with Bill)… thanks for this surprise article Bill !


Once again I sat here, cried and whispered to his spirit.

It’s been a long time between grave sits and for 20 odd years I couldn’t bear to touch foot on Albany soil because of it. But time really does heal. His wonderful exciting musically creative spirit lives on… we can speak now, more from the heart now that time has passed. I can sit with his best mate and both be OK with our tears.

There is power in just being with the memories.

And making peace with what was.