The Seahorse and The Butterfly

Many years ago, I was asking my brother for a sign from the spirit world that he was still around. It had been a few years since I’d had an amazing initial contact, one of which was the time I saw Doris Stokes. A decade along, things had been pretty quiet, so I reached out for him once again, asking for a sign. Before he had died, he had worked as a fisherman and found a tiny seahorse caught in the nets. He had it gold plated for his girlfriend. I thought the seahorse was a pretty good sign, yet I kept this to myself.

One day shortly after, I was walking on a beach near Newcastle in early 2002 with a friend who did aura photography. He looked at me and said ‘I’m just going to take a walk up here’ and off he went, wandering among the sand dunes. About 10 minutes later we caught up again and he said to me ‘close your eyes I have a surprise for you’. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them he had placed in my hands a large seahorse about a foot long! I couldn’t believe my eyes!! What were the chances of that happening? I jumped for joy and then relayed to him the story of my brother and how I’d been asking for a sign.


This was no ordinary sign to me, it was a massive significant one! After that, I literally bumped into seahorses, patterns on towels, signs on cars, plaques on the walls of gift shops everywhere I went. When I was in Monaco, I decided to visit the Jacque Cousteu museum. I paid my fare and excitedly walked in, took some stairs down into a darkened room and the very first aquarium I came to was filled with seahorses. I literally stood there and cried, mesmerised by their eloquent beauty and thanking my brother for the guidance.

So when my mum passed over, I thought our sign would be a red rose, as that was her favourite flower and colour. Yet, nearly every time, I am speaking about my mother, a large butterfly will cross my path. Recently I was on the phone to a friend who  asked me ‘so how old are you this year?’  I literally said ‘God knows how I got to be this age! I’m nearly 58!’ when a massive butterfly came out of nowhere and flew directly at my face!  Another day I was waiting for my sister to arrive and decided to sit outside in the winter sunshine. I sat for about 10 minutes when suddenly a butterfly appeared, fluttering her wings and sat beside me on a blade of grass.  I was watching it with the curiosity of a child and right at that moment my sister’s car pulled into the driveway.


I have friends who would pass this off as pure co-incidence. Fair enough. That is their journey and opinion.

It has happened too many times for me to pass it off as inconsequential. I view it as the world of spirit sharing, coming close to us in the only way they can via other creatures… They come in on signs hoping that we will notice them.  It gives us the opportunity to pause, reflect, smile and say hi. Notice your signs.

Til next blog, stay safe and happy,

Loni xx


A nutshell

I met with a medium mate today. It felt so great to discuss all things mediumistic, to get lost in discussion, share a drink, lots of laughs. As we hugged goodbye,  I walked away feeling blessed. In a deep, ‘there you go, this is what life’s really all about’ kind of way.


Being a medium doesn’t make your life easier. If anything, it has more challenges. Different challenges that the average person probably has no idea of. For example: to hold your self in friendship with others but not to take on the vibe of them. Being polite, hospitable, but never leaning too much their way whilst learning to stay in your own power. (Silver birch would say ‘be in this world but not OF the world’) … it takes a bit of practise even tho it may ‘sound easy’.

As mediums, we are excrutiatingly sensitive. Every gift comes with its positive and negative. We can pick up so easily the vibrations of others (which makes us good readers) yet, when we are not ‘open for business’ we don’t want to be so open and sensitive that we absorb other’s energies. Sometimes we just wanna chill, be human, fumble around, laugh at our own silliness. We in effect ‘block’ the vibes that are emanating from other humans. We smile, wave, we’re friendly and we back away. It’s for our own protection.

We are all battling something. Despite who we are, what we have achieved, what we are aiming for, most of us have some hidden story going on in the back ground. We are humans living a life, hopefully, with a few spiritual principles thrown in. Do unto others. Show kindness over righteousness, Help where ever the door opens. At the very least ‘do no harm’ and ‘treat others the way you would like to be treated’ with honesty, openness and non judgement.  Oh and love. Lots and lots of love. IMG_6311.JPG

It sounds easy doesn’t it?

Yet the ‘doing’ (actions speak louder than words) creeps up from behind and slaps us when we are least expecting it.  It reminds us to “love ourselves, value who we are, become inspired by the spirit being you truly are, don’t create drama, be loving, kind, helpful and inspire others to do the same.”

There ya’ go.

Spirituality in a nutshell.



Spirit nudges

time will mark his passing. Even tho its now over 35 years and my memory has faded – ‘he’ didn’t want me to forget… Bless ya mick. Love you and miss you as much as ever, your kid sis. xx

Recently I went away for a couple of days of prayer, peace and mediation. Entering the silence is a sacred thing I’ve recently enjoyed doing. I used to be busy all the time, always on the go, but lately, slowly I realise the need for quietude and reflectiveness. In fact, it is now becoming a pre requisite. Time for my soul and spirit, guilt free indulgence. Anyway, on the second day there,  I decided to go get a book from the communal bookshelf. As I picked one at random I smiled when I realised who the author was. Ram Das. Haven’t seen his name for about 40 years, loved his other book Be Here Now.


So, I held his book in my hands, said a prayer and selected a page at random. Imagine my surprise when my eyes gazed on the third line…. and read the name ‘Leary’. My brother (Mick, who is in spirit world) surname is Leary!


I couldn’t believe it. What are the chances that I would select a book at random, turn to a page at random and there is my brothers surname staring at me !! I began to chuckle. How intelligent is the spirit realm. This was no co-incidence.

‘Why is he coming through?’ Oh wait a minute, it’s APRIL…. His anniversary.. I quickly grab my calendar to check the date and yep, sure enough, in a few days Wow.


Why juice cleanse?

Pros .. Oh man, getting rid of sh… in your body is fan -damn -tactic. I know people don’t normally talk about such things but as a naturopath once told me its the first thing her family talk about each morning LOL (true story – she wrote a book called the Pooh in You)… Look it is a necessary part of healing as my dear mum used to tell me ‘all disease starts in the bowel’.  If you think about it, well, it needs regular flushing.

Moving on, energy…. loads of energy after day 4. You experience a feeling of lightness of being and mental clarity like never before. Its so worth doing for this benefit alone.

My daughter was able to:  lower her Trig (bad cholesterol) count from 6 – 2 after a 7 day cleanse, lose weight and  stabilise her blood sugar (she was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes).

Juice cleansing is the easiest way I have found to detox, giving your internal body a much deserved rest and a thorough clean out. What a way to start a new chapter!


An Easter Cleanse

I am beginning to love juice fasting. The feeling of clarity after those first days, the shape of your belly shrinking and wonderful deep sleeps at night. Yet there’s no pain without gain right?  And I need to be brutally honest. Hunger pangs, headaches and persistent mental fog for the first days may have questioning ‘what have I done?’ No where on this planet is it more true than the saying ‘mind over matter’.  For many people going without food is something they truly feel they can’t do, but I say challenge that thought. Even if only for one 24 hour period, give it a try. It is a start and maybe next time you will manage a 3, 5  or 7 day cleanse. Believe me, the benefits outweigh the initial discomfort.


So instead of hot cross buns, chocolate eggs and partying with friends,  I chose to slow things down (meaning I stay indoors on day one so I’m not tempted to break the fast). You need to be prepared! There’s a bundle of fresh veggies to buy, a dozen litres of filtered water and the main fruits I add are green apples and watermelon. There is a lot of conflicting information out there. I’ve had friends look at me in horror and say ‘not watermelon – its full of sugar!’ Yet when I researched it, watermelon is in the lower 10 sugar fruits – strawberries were the lowest, and red apples in the higher range which is why I choose green apples. I also have fresh ginger and plenty of lemons on hand. This cleanse we have decided to add a soup broth to also sip on, the flavour is different and the warmth makes you feel like your devouring something wholesome.


Why juice cleanse? Basically, to give your digestive system a rest. Our bodies work tirelessly day in and day out. By avoiding roughage for a period time your body can get to work cleansing and healing from the inside (if it’s not spending its energy digesting). By day 4 – 5 you will honestly feel incredible. The tricky part it, you have to get through days 1 – 3 in order to begin reaping the benefits.


The benefits are: weight loss, sparkling skin and eyes and oh la la energy plus. I can’t tell you (yet) if I’ve lowered my cholesterol because I’ll need a blood test, but my daughter’s triglycerides dropped from 7.8 to 2 after our last 7 day juice cleanse! Look, it’s pretty hard to do juice cleansing alone, so much easier if you have a pal to walk the journey with. We spend those first couple of days complaining about our headaches and it’s so good to flop into bed when you need to.

On the up side, we are there to encourage each other when one wants to cave into a food craving. Believe me, you will reap some amazing rewards and feel incredible at the end of it, so much so, that I’m committed to doing a cleanse every 2 – 3 months.

Wanna join me next time?


Friendships n Fun

Today I walked with a friend, along a gorgeous stretch of parkland I’d not been on before. It was cool and quiet in the early morning and as we began our walk, passed a few houses we saw wallabies sitting in the driveway. Where in city suburbia do you see this? Normally I go walking alone, it provides great thinking space, a time to ponder deeper questions, helps connect with feelings and gives space to hear ones intuition. Walking with my friend gave me different experience, the joy of chatting with someone on a similar wave length, discussing various situations in our lives that requires change or simply our attention.  We talk about going within, what’s being reflected back at us and in the words of Professor Sunder Millar ‘why is this so?’


I realised at times, theres a need to let go of all friendships,  to free everyone and see who comes back in. ‘Those whom are meant for you, will be for you” is a saying that resonates, from one of Florence Shovel Shin’s books.  I like putting this in action, because we don’t have ownership over anyone and it allows friends the freedom to come and go, a healthier way of being. My friend and I must have covered a dozen different topics between the two of us as it dawned on me, she is one friend who keeps coming in. We love early morning walks, music, creativity, we aim to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a glass of red wine at night.  I adore my connection with her, mainly because I can be my truest self around her. This requires a lot of trust. Of course theres lots of other friendships too, people I don’t see for months but when we do, we connect in joy!


Being real, ones authentic self, allowing someone ‘in’ – someone who can sit with our vulnerabilities and still love us, is unique. Being true to our highest selves and leading from the front – by our example, we have the opportunity to truly help another on the pathway of life.  It’s not always easy, plenty of times I’ve fallen (scratched both knees!) but it is in the ability to get up again, face life square on, swallow ones pride, put your head up and have another go, surviving challenging situations that in turn, help build our characters from the inside. As the Beatles sing ‘you become you in time.’


Authentic friendships provide us with soul nurturing. It’s friendship built on trust, truth and love. I believe we humans need deep friendships and heartfelt connections with others (besides our “significant other”). It’s healthy to share, laugh, grow, to extend oneself through relating to another, to let ones guard down and simply ‘be’ in the presence of someone who understands, loves, encourages and supports us, always reminding us of our wings of strength and that we DO have the ability to fly.

til next blog, stay safe, have fun… grab a friend and take a walk…

Pet Sitting, house sitting n helping

Over the years I’ve done a bit of house sitting and caring for pets. Currently,  Im looking after my daughters gorgeous rag dolls. Isabel, a little shy darling and Frankie, a big fluffy boy with a attitude to match. He talks to me. Honestly. This cat is so vocal and strides around like he owns the place. Just yesterday, as I sat on the lounge reading emails he plonked himself behind me and proceeded to bite my head. Yep. Truly.  I knew he was playing in a funny strange cat way but he was also meowing LOUDLY like ‘come on woman, get up off that lounge  you have NOT fed me nearly enough food.’


Now, I have a thing about spoiled or overweight pets. Us humans often get sooo attached to them that we literally over feed or give them human baby status. I know this first hand because I literally have to say “excuse me” to my sisters dog because she loves to sit on the lounge snuggled beside my sister and looks at me as if to say ‘too bad you take the floor, I’m here first’ …. And IF I try to move her, well, I’ve attempted that once or twice and boy do I get a dirty look and accompaning growl, and not just from the dog. (ha ha)


Getting back to Frankie baby. ‘MEOW’ Bite, MEOW scratch on scalp…. Bloody hell I mumble to myself, he is going to continue this until I give him more damn food. I’ll make him wait another minute or so ‘MEOW bite’ …Ok I give up, have some dry biscuits as well. There is no doubt about it, animals give us more than we give them (except for extra biscuits), because I watch my daughters face light up when she has Isabel in her arms and my sister is in sheer bliss with her dog half human baby snuggled beside her on the lounge. Love is in the air – most defiantly.


So Frankie and I have a thing going on. I swear he understands when I get on the floor to tell him ‘nannies back’. He rolls around, play claws me and loves nothing more than to walk on my body when I’m in bed and plonk down on my pillow no less, with his little face touching mine. He is such a goofy male, yet this loving streak of affection streams out of him at the moment I most want to curl up and switch off for the day. Instead, I have cat fur up my nose and a purring puss beside me. And a loving feeling creeps over me as I realise that he wants nothing more than to snuggle up beside his nanny. Ahhhh.



Synchronicity and loving ones self.

You never know what’s around the corner. I often get asked about synchronicity or co incidence and why we have to learn lessons?  I’ll recap a incident that happened recently. Intuitively I felt it was time to leave Albany, it was my past and although there are aspects and people that I still love there, it wasn’t the place for me. As I jumped on the bus heading to Perth I was thinking ‘what’s next?’ and boarded the train to Fremantle. After several minutes a lady sat next to me with her headphones on. I looked at her a couple of times, but respecting her need to chill out, gazed out the window. Just before my station she looked at me, removed her ear phones and asked ‘where are you going?’


‘To the buddhist centre’ to which she replied smiling ‘I live opposite there, I’ll give you a lift if you like.’ Now, anyone who has ever travelled alone lugging suitcases around knows being offered a lift is equivalent to winning lotto. Ok, maybe not first division but certainly up around Div 3. We met for lunch a few days later, then coffee, and breakfast the following weekend. Imagine my surprise when it turned out she was not only struggling with a marriage breakdown but also the loss of her brother to suicide.

And this is my point. Who better to hang out with than someone who has endured the same experiences? Was that synchronicity or co-incidence? I don’t believe in co-incidence so imagine the magic of the Universe to create that experience? Where two souls meet in divine timing to help one another on this journey of life.

Silver Birch speaks about the difficulties of life’s journey and overcoming setbacks, grief, break ups, loss etc are all lessons that slowly build us up from the inside to make us strong. I have a problem I deal with yearly in my own life yet I also know, without a shadow of a doubt that this experience has helped me become emotionally strong! I never realised before how fragile I was, emotionally, around my kids. Through dealing with this issue, it’s given me a stronger compassion for people who lose children.

I now reflect on my long term relationships and see how much I have grown as a soul especially, emotionally. I can now stand on my own two feet, no longer am as one counsellor told me, ‘learned dependancy’ and recognise situations where I’m tempted to give my power away. I needed those hard tough years with men who were controlling and domineering, whom I continually gave way in order to have peace at any cost. Why? Because this was the emotional environment that I grew up in. I had to revisit it in order to learn and grow out of it. There is no weekend workshop crash course dealing with a souls journey and the lessons it has chosen to learn. We are all so individual.


I have also learned that I can no longer be in a personal relationship with someone who has not done their inner work. There is a lot going on ‘within’ and the longer you pretend it doesn’t exist, the more potent it is. A psychologist friend used to tell me ‘you gotta know what’s likely to bite you’.  I now view my past so called ‘failures’ with a air of gratefulness, the abuse I had to experience in order to rise above it and escape that low vibration.  I needed to know what love wasn’t in order to learn what it was. And the best way to do that was to take tiny steps towards loving myself, step by step, day by day.

Warts, white hair n all. xx




Being ok with the uncomfortable.

I was reading an article the other day about the lizard brain and how it is geared for our survival. Survival, not change. It’s why so many of us stay in out moded relationships that no longer serve us, or abusive ones that we feel stuck in and why we cling to jobs that undermine us, why we stay put rather than seek change. This has helped me understand so many of my past situations in life. The funny things is, life is full of change, its the only thing we can ever really count on (besides death and taxes) as it creeps along side us daily and sometimes hits us wham bam, when we least expect it.

Recently as I listened to someone tell me a story about a friend who got upset every time they drove to town behind an older (slower) driver,  I chuckled,  ‘jeepers if that’s all it takes to piss them off they would never survive in a city.’


Its why I love shows like ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’  as they place contestants in uncomfortable situations which most of us are quietly fascinated by, watching their reactions, wondering how we would react in similar circumstances? I mean, if someone wanted me to bungy jump or jump out of a plane I don’t know what the hell I’d do, but give me a back pack and a few hundred $, I know I could survive travelling anywhere.

Knowing our survival brain craves comfort and familiarity, it stands to reason why we resist change so much. Why we cling to the known routes even though intuitively we are bored, there is little growth present and we long to go on an adventure. The reality is, if we step out into the great unknown, we are on unfamiliar ground. Anything could happen.


And usually things DO happen. Yet if we believe that the Universe has our back (always) then what is there to fear? Sure, there will be a period of discomfort while we readjust out inner compass but as far as I can ascertain, we are always led to something far greater than we ever imagined. Staying calm is the key to navigating past our fears.

Researching for this blog I came across a great article called ‘How to make friends with your reptilian brain’ by Edwina Shaw.

“When we are living in a constant state of fear and stress we’ll keep working at a job we hate; we’ll do things we’re not proud of to get the sex we need, we’ll forget our childhood dreams, and the urges of our higher selves, because it’s all way too scary.”

I myself, like being at the edge of my comfort zone. Even though sometimes the mere challenge of finding a new place to live, organising finances, setting up again in a new city can feel overwhelming at times, I know if I stay calm, go within and consult with my inner well of tranquility –  all is well.

I also love this quote by Seth Godin

The lizard brain is the reason you’re afraid, the reason you don’t do all the art you can, the reason you don’t ship when you can. The lizard brain is the source of the resistance.”