A healing reading ….

I’m going to share a personal experience which occurred once in a circle I sat in. Every time you sit, something ‘else’ extraordinary happens but this one really struck me, because I felt as though I went into a very deep space and it is the first time a spirit person sort of sat on me ? Usually I feel very hot and sense them standing beside me but this man went the extra mile!

Firstly we listened to 3 songs, all extremely moving, emotional, evocative. The moment the first song was under way I almost felt like the room was moving. I stayed with the music but could feel something quite unusual happening.

I sensed this man, over- shadowing me, in my force field.  I asked him who he was for and instantly seemed to answer my own question ‘oh his daughter is to my right . It’s more of a sense of knowing, not actually ‘hearing’… As the music continued I *felt* his feelings. They were a bit heavy, like he was depressed and very lonely. He walked me through a house and sat at a desk. I *felt* he had been writing.


I asked why he was so sad, I could feel this heavy vibration. He replied ‘Life was never the same after she left.’ I asked him to show me a happier memory and just like that, in a flash of a second, I was watching him on his boat, the wind blowing his clothes and hair, his tanned face relaxed being out on the beloved ocean.

He showed me a time when he would pick up his daughter when she was little and put her on his lap and cuddle her whispering to her ‘my princess’. These moving images were so incredibly powerful.

As the songs came to an end, I thanked him for coming. I realised I had to wait about until 10 other people spoke before I could.

I explained the whole scenario. We were supposed to be doing psychometry but this man was so strong I had to voice the images I received.

At the end, the teacher asked me who I thought the message was for and I looked to my right, about 3 ladies along and chose one.


She confirmed it was her father.

His life was never the same after her mother died.

He was writing his memoir when he passed over.

He was happiest when he was on his boat and lived there at the end of his life.

A simple message and validation of a fathers love for his daughter, his message that he was still around…. And this is the power of mediumship, how it can alleviate grief and facilitate healing from within.


Practising mediumship

Recently, I was listening to a medium give a public demonstration. As a rule, we encourage and support each other in the mediumship world.  However, as students, we also need to watch and evaluate, listen and learn.  How does a medium act when they receive a ‘no’ (or a few no’s)? Are they are under pressure with 50 pairs of eyes watching them? Are they fully blended with the spirit they are trying to bring through or are they sort of grasping at straws as a means to cover up their anxiety and chatting away nervously? Demonstrating is an art in itself.


I know it is not easy being ‘up front’ before an audience. It is something I certainly am not proficient at. As such, I go along to watch, observe, taken mental notes and appreciate the difficulty in demonstrating. Believe me, you learn something from every demonstration and for me,  I am noticing the difference between an inexperienced/ experienced medium.

Of course it is natural to enjoy the attention and accolades when a medium gets things ‘right’ but as I watched this medium work I couldn’t help but feel the evidence was being reached – psychically. It was like ‘grabbing’ at the information, consequently it was hit and miss and did not flow…. I left feeling a bit blasé. When I deeply questioned the why’s of it, I realised I hadn’t been touched by any messages bought through, unlike times in the circle I attend, I’m blown away by the depth of feeling that emanates during a connection. It may be brief, but it is FELT. Surely this is the true purpose of a demonstration? To imbibe the deep feelings and reverence that the spirit world have to portray? There is a subtle difference between gaining information psychically and gaining it directly from the spirit world. For an inexperienced medium, it is difficult to tell at times.

I’ll give you an example. A few years ago I went to pick up a book on Europe as was planning a trip there and straight afterwards, went to have a reading. I had no sooner sat down when she said ‘Oh you’re off to Europe?’ She picked that up as it was in my energy field. Psychically. In mediumship, we aim to connect to a spirit being.

When I watch Tony Stockwell, (who’s an extremely experienced medium) you can tell he is very blended with the spirit he is bringing through and this blending is what makes such an extraordinary difference. For those few moments as the spirit blends with his aura, moves in close, there is a duality which is almost palpable as a beautifully woven story begins to evolve. Tony delivers the messages with sensitivity and thoughtfulness that is very endearing to watch. Here he is … https://tonystockwell.com. Other mediums that have this gift and are publicly demonstrating in Australia are Samantha Duly (Perth), Christine Morgan (Sydney), Val Hood (Sydney), Sonny Burgess (Brisbane) and my circle teacher Bev Greaney (Brisbane). There are many others but these are the people whom I’ve personally had readings or teachings with and have come to admire and respect.

I guess this is why the mediums of old remind us that we are at the stage where we are at and each of us must serve our apprenticeship.

We can only keep practising and stay humble. Don’t believe the hoo hah that others may bestow upon you. I have discovered,  the greater the medium the more humble they are because they realise an important point, it’s not about them, it’s about serving the spirit world and keeping themselves out of the way.


Me with Tony Stockwell in Perth, a year ago.

Ca la vie. xx




10 things I love about working as a carer.

  1. Caring for another constantly reminds me to be more present.
  2. Work hours flexibility – some carers work in 24 hour care, shift work or short shifts 1 – 4 hourly home visits.
  3. Variety of clients – especially if you are doing home visits, you can see 4 – 5 clients a day
  4. To work well you have to be able to connect. To connect, one needs to be authentic, compassionate.
  5. Older people have some amazing stories – they really are a living history book.
  6. Care work is extremely fulfilling, being their advocate and ‘right hand woman’ is a beautiful role to fulfil for someone.
  7. I love introducing healthy foods and drinks into their diets.
  8. The work is also like a personal assistant, knowing what day the physio, gardener etc is coming, assisting with appointments.
  9. I love being a cheery presence each morning and a reasurring voice at night when I tuck them into bed.
  10. There are times when challenges arise, providing an opportunity to look within, to practise kindness in the face of adversity, to stay humble (your in someone else’s home) and to be a loving presence for someone facing their mortality.

cristian-newman-63291-unsplash.jpg    ‘After all, we are ALL just walking each other home.’ 

The healing power of mediumship

There is an aspect of the weekend workshop I just attended that I failed to mention. And it’s a HUGE aspect. In a way I’m glad I missed it because it deserves it’s own post. It’s what happens when you are touched by spirit, when you realise that your father IS giving messages through another person to you. When your mother comes through and says something so familiar that you know undoubtably it is just what she’d say. 


When I was 19, and saw Doris Stokes, I had been in a terrible place after my brother committed suicide. I honestly didn’t care whether I lived or died. Life lost all meaning. I felt lost, adrift, depressed.

Yet, after being chosen from the audience and Doris’s remarkable evidence that my brother WAS around, I walked out of that hall 10 feet tall, simply knowing his spirit was very much alive.

In 25 minutes my whole world changed.

I could face life again. It had a purpose and just maybe I’d survive this ordeal.

On the weekend, there was a young lady among us who’s best friend had lost her son. He came through me 3 mediums, different evidence in each appearance but the overwhelming message was ‘tell mum I love her’.  Isn’t that amazing? This woman had the courage to show up to a medium course which she had never done before and then  finds this beautiful young man’s spirit very much around, organising things behind the scenes for the purpose of reaching his beloved mother. How powerful is that.

And this is why I love mediumship.

It has the immense power to heal and to lift ones spirit. 


What a wonderful incredibly humbling experience it is for a medium to bring through a child for a grieving parent. I can think of no other gift which can touch a person to this extent. And this is why I continue on this pathway of learning. Simply to help. To bridge together the two worlds. To give assurance when a bereaved feels lost and depleted.

As I write this, I know from my own experience nearly 40 years ago, how true that is. Since I have opened my heart to spirit, as both my parents has since passed on, it’s made the process just a little bit easier.

As they say, knowledge is power.

Til next blog

loni x

Colby Rebel and Ryhs Winn Davies fantastic mediumship workshop.

I adore mediumship workshops, especially when they are reasonably priced. Colby Rebel is a New Jersey medium who came to Australia to tour with our ex brisbane based medium Ryhs Winn Davies. I was very excited to see Ryhs again having sat in his circle a few times.  If you’re not in Brisbane have no fear – Colby and Ryhs are heading south to Sydney, then to Melbourne.

All budding mediums who are open to trying new techniques, it does not matter what stage you’re at, if you want to push yourself a little more and ready to take the next step – or you are brand new and want to understand why things are ‘happening’ when your healing someone – this workshop is for you!

The weekend was full of evidential mediumship, we were all at various stages of development and it was a thrill to see the tentative steps taken by a couple of new mediums starting out. A ton of love and encouragement filled the room, tempered by Colby’s sense of humour and strict ‘Come on, I want you to go for more’. Even though I still felt wobbly standing in front of new faces, I seemed to handle it a little better! 9 years ago I wouldn’t even ‘get up’ so I applauded all the new people giving it a go.  I am sure they even surprised themselves at the accuracy of information they were receiving. You have to applaud such courage and faith!


Colby and Ryhs are a formidable team and I can’t wait to see them work on platform together. They are kind, coming from an extremely heart felt space, similar to the way I feel when I’m with Tony Stockwell, that beautiful all encompassing feeling of love. You feel safe to venture forth, nurtured and encouraged.

Here is a link to Colbys website – https://www.colbyrebel.com. Her fabulous sense of humour made us instantly feel ‘at ease’. Which is what we need when starting out, loads of gentle coaching as we take those baby steps and move past the fears of what if I make a fool of myself and all the other zillion negative thoughts we have going on.


Ryhs has recently moved to Holland, to begin a new life with his partner and adorable baby girl and those from his circle certainly feel his absence. I am so happy I took the opportunity to do a weekend with him and continue to grow and push through my uncomfortableness standing out in front of ‘strangers’. His relaxed attitude, simple explanations and numerous stories made for a fun weekend of learning. You can read more about him here https://www.rhyswynndavies.com

If you missed the weekend, you catch Ryhs and Colby at the Brisbane Spiritual Church next Saturday night by booking with Sue Williams 0416145476. You can also call Sue to find out details about their Sydney and Melbourne schedules – Feb 2019 – Enjoy!


5 tips for budding mediums

Patience. There is no fast route to being a true honest medium. It is tried and true, slow and steady. Be wary of any advertisement or teacher whom preaches otherwise.


Look after your body. If you are a medium for service as opposed to money, wouldn’t you want to be a healthy vessel in which to work closely to spirit? We owe it to our team to play our part, that is, keep our psychical body in tip top shape.


Being wrong – actually one of my teachers says you have to let the ego go, allow yourself to be vulnerable. This is actually quite difficult to do in the beginning.

Be gentle on yourself. So many times we beat ourselves up for getting one or two things ‘wrong’ instead of the 6 /7 things we got right. Relax. This is about serving the spirit world, sometimes we interpret the impressions a certain way when we need to learn to ‘give what we get’.


Have fun! Be willing to have a go. Be willing to fail, only then are you closer to strengthening your link! Sitting in meditation or quietude mode, being part of a circle, learning your craft takes time. Allow the process.

                     And as another teacher says ‘Surrender to the Blender’ 

Why I love Mediumship

There is one thing I’m passionate about and that is mediumship. My interest in this field began when my brother died at 24.  I had been staying at Bribie Island in a hut with friends and was woken up in the middle of the night. I couldn’t figure out ‘what’ I was hearing, as it sounded like a swarm of invisible bee’s buzzing around me. The next day I was told the devastating news. I was 19 and felt like the rug was pulled out from under me.  Watching my spiral downward, a nursing colleague gave me a book on Doris Stokes. That book turned my life around. I couldn’t put it down and read it over night. Imagine my surprise when this same colleague told me ‘Doris is coming to Brisbane, let’s go see her’.


3 months slipped by and as I drove to see Doris perform on stage, once again, those invisible bees were in my car. It HAD to be my bother. I began to talk to him ‘if this really is YOU please come through tonight’. Imagine my utter surprise when Doris chose me from the audience and began a 20 minute reading, describing my brother, in detail, giving message after message that he wasn’t ‘dead’ his spirit was very much alive.

This experience impacted me on a very deep level. I left Doris that night with an inner peace that I cannot begin to convey. It changed the course of my life. Helped me to begin to heal my grief. It was that powerful. 


My own mediumship development crept up on me slowly, whilst massaging people in my 30’s. I suddenly began to ‘sense’ sometimes ‘hear’ messages for the person. This slow and gentle unfoldment has continued to this day 25 plus years later. I have encountered many incredible experiences working with this gentle energy which is the spirit world.

It’s true when they say mediumship takes many years to develop and we never stop learning or growing. Occasionally, someone will show they have the gift early on, but that seems to be a rarity. However, it does occur. I feel they are picking up where they left off in a past life. For most of us, this is a development that you cannot rush. One learns many lessons, one of which is patience. Martin Twycross says in his wonderful course ‘The Confident Medium” that sitting in meditation/ quiet contemplation is the one route towards developing your gift. You need to have a relationship with your own spirit first, before you can touch anyone else. He also says that no effort to sit in the quiet  is every wasted. The spirit world are very busy on the other side attuning to our vibration.

Words cannot possibly convey the feeling one has during times when you connect with a spirit person. It is like nothing I’ve ever experienced and I’m always so grateful and humbled that this truly magical experience has occurred, yet again. Bless you all.

Til next blog, Love Loni x

Featuring Martin Twycross

I have decided to write some featured articles about working mediums and teachers whom I admire. The first one is Martin Twycross. I’m so excited that I decided to bite the bullet and en-roll in ‘The Confident Medium’ online course because I can tell you, mediumship is far from easy and confidence is something many of us struggle with. https://www.martintwycross.com


Martin Twycross hails from the UK and is a working medium and Arthur Findlay Trained and Accredited teacher. I loved hearing his personal story because he came to mediumship as an atheist! He wanted proof and he wasn’t about to settle lightly. As such, the world is now blessed with a truly authentic reliable medium and knowledgeable teacher. He explains how important it is, when we first begin on this journey to find a reliable teacher, (online and offline) one whom we can sit in circle who can guide and help us along the way, as well as offering valuable feedback. https://www.arthurfindlaycollege.org

 We need to find some way of attuning, through meditation, contemplation, call it what you will, sitting in the power is a mediation practise but basically it is where we attune to our own SOUL so we can then spend time with the spirit world -its a pre requisite – to touch our own spirit and it’s a extremely valuable thing – but at the end of the day, you have to find what works for you. 

The first module of his course reminded me of a a few truths such as:

We have to fail a huge amount of times before we succeed, once we learn to move and shift and blend…. we know we can repeat it because we have done it before.  We need these mistakes to help us to progress so – embrace mistakes, challenges and problems because it’s ALL part of the learning process.’

And  “the better mediums keep pushing forward, there is always so much more within ourselves to be developed. Our confidence grows the more we believe we can do it, the more trust we show, which comes with experience and practise.”


Martin also talks about the ‘imposter’ syndrome where we tell ourselves that mediumship seems to work “every now and then” but we don’t really KNOW if it’s us doing it and we feel sure one day someone will say “your a fraud” and we will think about giving it up….  many (sadly) have given up due to this pressure and internal dialogue. Martin explains it is because we are so sensitive we get easily demoralised and don’t focus on the 10 things that were taken instead we focus on the 2 things that weren’t!


Martin also advises us to : Move to a place of peace with your past. Accept exactly where you are in this point in time, through pure self acceptance. Remember that ever experience contains value, we can look at our past and take the benefits then release it, in so doing we create a space for a new positive future which starts now…. 

All up, I thoroughly recommend any courses by Martin online, the convenience of this is fantastic, you can lay in bed in your PJ’s listening to a class! He is also extremely affordable which in this arena can sometimes be hard to find. So, if you are interested in developing your psychic or mediumistic gifts, check out the link Martin Twycross. com. Also, I am including a fantastic u tube clip with Martin speaking about the spirit world an interview from the podcast WE DON’T DIE ….. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrUieeHROPs

Til next post, Love Loni x