A mediums life

I’m the first person to tell you I don’t know ‘it all’ . I feel very much a student of the Universe, forever learning and remaining humble and in awe of the spirit world. A mediums journey can take many years to develop. Gordon Smith, a famous UK medium sat in a development circle one night a week for 7 years before he began speaking and demonstrating his mediumship. Yet other mediums like Charmaigne Wilson went through an emotional breakdown and suddenly opened up to the spirit world. There is no set rule or quick way to become a medium. Usually, it is through many years slowly slowly, strengthening ones psychic arm, through which mediumship develops.

In 2002 I experienced my first clairaudient experience whilst I was massaging a lady I had never met before.

15 minutes into the massage and I heard quite clearly, a mans voice say to me ‘tell her about the yellow bird.’ I replied, say what? ‘Tell her about the yellow bird‘ to which I said in an annoyed tone ‘go away’. A third time mr persistent said  ‘TELL HER about the YELLOW BIRD!’ I took a deep breath and decided what the hell, I probably would never see her again in any case. If this is just my imagination so be it.

‘Look I don’t know what on earth this means, but I’m hearing a man saying  ‘tell you about the yellow bird’. What happened next is nothing short of extraordinary. She turned to look at me, her face a pale shade of white, and said ‘Oh my god, It’s him’.

‘Ahh, who?’ I asked.

‘My boyfriend!!

She went on to explain ‘he died 6 weeks ago in an accident. We lived together and he travelled a lot. He had a little yellow bird in a cage. Before he would travel overseas he would take the bird out and pop him on his pillow. When I’d come home, there he was, this beautiful little bird sitting there to comfort me. It was an act of love and endearment between us. I’m in such shock that you have just said that!’

That experience taught me the value of listening. I wasn’t at all sure what was going on but I finally trusted the information and passed it on. And thank god I did. Because that piece of evidence was vital for that lady to know that her beloved boyfriend was still very much around her. In spirit. It was what we call in the medium world ‘evidential mediumship.’

And this is how the spirit world works. 15 years later, I’ve attended many courses in an attempt to understand more about the spirit world and how it works, I’ve worked at various psychic fairs and sat in silence to help another soul gain evidence and inspiration to move forward with their life.

I now embrace and accept that this is a god given gift and I’m overjoyed to share with others. Bring it on. AMEN.


One thought on “A mediums life

  1. It was lovely confirmation for the lady that you mentioned . Yes she must have been shocked as your a stranger to her. The beautiful power of spirit to get the message through you to her from her beloved boyfriend .

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