The Power of Touch

How time flies!

I took some time out after my birthday in June, to move to the rainforest for a few weeks to have some peace and quiet, do some writing and catch up on so much reading I want to do! Yet, what happened? Within a week, I got a cold/flu and was laid up in bed for 7 days. That wasn’t what I had in mind, yet it was also good, because I cleansed, drank lots of veggie juices, sipped mugs of lemon water, brewed my ayurvedic tea – see recipe here if your keen and slept. All night and most of each day! Talk about a whole body reset cleanse.

woman laying down on bed inside room
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Now that is not exactly MY view from my room but it’s pretty awesome! I had a lot of time to reflect, I borrowed a book from the library called the Clarity Cleanse by Dr Habib who is 20 years post cancer so I was very open to reading what he had to say. He wrote a lot about emotional cleansing and how important it is for us to frequently release any pent up resentments instead of carrying them deep within. He believes cancer is a build up of anger and resentment. He also talks a lot about our lives being like an empty cup.

What fills up your cup? 

Do you want to go hiking? Play music? Be intimate with someone?

He writes “Being intimate releases oxytocin, touching or sexual, research shows people who experience the highest oxytocin (through being intimate) have the the lowest alzeihmers, the lowest cancer rate, the lowest autoimmune diseases.”

Having been a massage therapist myself for many years I know full well the power of touch. I can actually sense a persons energy change after a massage, sometimes my client would look younger as they left my room which always amazed me. Something as simple as a massage, so imagine something as intimate as sex, being healing, or preventative to disease. We don’t usually discuss such things in our society about this, do we? 

2 thoughts on “The Power of Touch

  1. Well written Loni Joy! Yes the healing power of touch is so important. A lot of people with disabilities never get touched. Maybe you could offer massages if you gain NDIS approval? With your empathy & healing, that would be an awesome gift for them. XX


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