Making choices that affect us and others.

We are all challenged from time to time with big life changing decisions. Which way do we go? Recently I had a big decision to make where I needed to weigh up a persons actions versus their words. Not easy to do, when the heart wants what it does.

As a medium, we are naturally sensitive. We feel deeply.  I’ve always known Im on a pathway of learning and accept that there is always work to be done within. As we attain one level of understanding we look ahead and realise there is more to unfold, more  growing to do and shedding of the old, releasing what no longer serves us.

During this transition of allowing a ‘love’ to move out of my life,  I was realising how beneficial it would be to spend time in nature.  Theres so many beautiful spots on the east coast we are spoilt for choice.  I thought about Stradbroke Island, how I love the wildness and the sheer beauty of the island but also I allowed the Universe to guide me.

Suddenly (within one day) a friend rang me about renting a cabin in the rain forest.

So, for winter, I am retreating into a place of quietude, beauty and tranquility, close to the gorgeous coastline, for a time of contemplation and focus. I am creating my own soul, body and mind health retreat where I can juice cleanse, rest up and write. I want to immerse myself in nature and begin feeding myself more positivity for positive energy elevates us to another level.


And am so grateful for this opportunity.

Til next time,

Love Loni x


One thought on “Making choices that affect us and others.

  1. Beautiful Loni! Nature is so healing. We are blessed in this country to have so many places of beauty to enjoy. Enjoy the next step on your journey XXXX


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