Scepticism is Ok

I had to laugh the other day.

I was talking to my daughter about all things mediumship. She doesn’t say much but I know she’s thinking a hell of a lot under the surface so I asked her ‘what do you think of this. all the stories I tell you about spirits?’  I watched with interest her facial expressions as she chose her words with care ‘well I’m not altogether sure about any of it to be honest mum, but, I know you. And you are sincere and honest so if you are experiencing these things there must be something to it.’

Years ago, after my brother died and I had seen Doris Stokes, I was so incredibly excited, I shared this story with everyone I came across,  Most peoples eyes glazed over as they made a hurried excuse to get away from me.  I was often left feeling ‘why can’t they see how incredible this all is! We don’t die!’

Being skeptical is ok. In fact Silver Birch often says to ask for proof – and if something does not sit right with you, then to reject it.

It’s not until your soul is touched by spirit that things become more ‘real’… Silver Birch also speaks about knowledge as the rungs of a ladder, that we continue to progress in this world and in the next. Just when we think ‘we know’ we realise that so much more – higher knowledge that awaits us. We are souls evolving into higher planes of awareness.

Staying open is the key, I think.

Staying humble is imperative.

Being in wonderment of the amazing ability to actually communicate as mediums is something else.

A glorious gift to help others along the pathway of life.


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