When life challenges us

Recently, a friend called me. Her life in chaos. With all the ‘help’ out there she didn’t know who to turn to.

I listened and spoke from my heart, soul and past experiences, things that I too had faced. Mostly I did a lot of listening, which is what we need when we things turn to mud and we can’t see the wood for the trees.


It got me thinking that this site is not only about mediumship, but about learning to cope through adversity, feeling that we are not alone and build our emotional intelligence to enable us to cope with the changes that inevitably drift into our lives.

For without change, there is no growth. And as much as I too, prefer a life of quietude, I’ve learned that through those tough choices, major forks in our pathway, when life threatens to change so dramatically, we wonder how are we ever to get through each day?

Here’s some tips I’ve put together:

  1. My dear mum used to say ‘One day at a time’. When I was going through my second marriage breakdown and was full of anguish, her quiet voice soothed me by saying those few words. It helped me to remember, ‘oh right, I don’t need to solve ALL my problems at once,  keep breathing and make it through TODAY.’
  2. Sometimes we need to ‘Let go and Let God’. Letting go of control is a huge issue for many of us. We have so little control in the bigger scheme of things.
  3. Do not forget yourself in the chaos. Make time to have a facial, go to the beach, sit on a park bench, what ever YOU need that gives you valuable peace.
  4. Find a trusted person that you can download to, open your heart with. Someone you are completely safe with and who has your back, no matter what.
  5. Turn inwards, connect with your higher self, write, draw, paint, create your way out of chaos. When I was in a womens shelter(for 3 months) they organised art therapy classes which turned out to be incredibly helpful, healing and soulful.

Our lives do have meaning. Repeat, our lives have meaning and purpose.

Through grief, through pain, through change, through chaos, a brighter light and understanding will follow. Trust in your journey. Trust in your self that you have this.

Truly you do.

Love Loni xx




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