A healing reading ….

I’m going to share a personal experience which occurred once in a circle I sat in. Every time you sit, something ‘else’ extraordinary happens but this one really struck me, because I felt as though I went into a very deep space and it is the first time a spirit person sort of sat on me ? Usually I feel very hot and sense them standing beside me but this man went the extra mile!

Firstly we listened to 3 songs, all extremely moving, emotional, evocative. The moment the first song was under way I almost felt like the room was moving. I stayed with the music but could feel something quite unusual happening.

I sensed this man, over- shadowing me, in my force field.  I asked him who he was for and instantly seemed to answer my own question ‘oh his daughter is to my right . It’s more of a sense of knowing, not actually ‘hearing’… As the music continued I *felt* his feelings. They were a bit heavy, like he was depressed and very lonely. He walked me through a house and sat at a desk. I *felt* he had been writing.


I asked why he was so sad, I could feel this heavy vibration. He replied ‘Life was never the same after she left.’ I asked him to show me a happier memory and just like that, in a flash of a second, I was watching him on his boat, the wind blowing his clothes and hair, his tanned face relaxed being out on the beloved ocean.

He showed me a time when he would pick up his daughter when she was little and put her on his lap and cuddle her whispering to her ‘my princess’. These moving images were so incredibly powerful.

As the songs came to an end, I thanked him for coming. I realised I had to wait about until 10 other people spoke before I could.

I explained the whole scenario. We were supposed to be doing psychometry but this man was so strong I had to voice the images I received.

At the end, the teacher asked me who I thought the message was for and I looked to my right, about 3 ladies along and chose one.


She confirmed it was her father.

His life was never the same after her mother died.

He was writing his memoir when he passed over.

He was happiest when he was on his boat and lived there at the end of his life.

A simple message and validation of a fathers love for his daughter, his message that he was still around…. And this is the power of mediumship, how it can alleviate grief and facilitate healing from within.


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