Practising mediumship

Recently, I was listening to a medium give a public demonstration. As a rule, we encourage and support each other in the mediumship world.  However, as students, we also need to watch and evaluate, listen and learn.  How does a medium act when they receive a ‘no’ (or a few no’s)? Are they are under pressure with 50 pairs of eyes watching them? Are they fully blended with the spirit they are trying to bring through or are they sort of grasping at straws as a means to cover up their anxiety and chatting away nervously? Demonstrating is an art in itself.


I know it is not easy being ‘up front’ before an audience. It is something I certainly am not proficient at. As such, I go along to watch, observe, taken mental notes and appreciate the difficulty in demonstrating. Believe me, you learn something from every demonstration and for me,  I am noticing the difference between an inexperienced/ experienced medium.

Of course it is natural to enjoy the attention and accolades when a medium gets things ‘right’ but as I watched this medium work I couldn’t help but feel the evidence was being reached – psychically. It was like ‘grabbing’ at the information, consequently it was hit and miss and did not flow…. I left feeling a bit blasé. When I deeply questioned the why’s of it, I realised I hadn’t been touched by any messages bought through, unlike times in the circle I attend, I’m blown away by the depth of feeling that emanates during a connection. It may be brief, but it is FELT. Surely this is the true purpose of a demonstration? To imbibe the deep feelings and reverence that the spirit world have to portray? There is a subtle difference between gaining information psychically and gaining it directly from the spirit world. For an inexperienced medium, it is difficult to tell at times.

I’ll give you an example. A few years ago I went to pick up a book on Europe as was planning a trip there and straight afterwards, went to have a reading. I had no sooner sat down when she said ‘Oh you’re off to Europe?’ She picked that up as it was in my energy field. Psychically. In mediumship, we aim to connect to a spirit being.

When I watch Tony Stockwell, (who’s an extremely experienced medium) you can tell he is very blended with the spirit he is bringing through and this blending is what makes such an extraordinary difference. For those few moments as the spirit blends with his aura, moves in close, there is a duality which is almost palpable as a beautifully woven story begins to evolve. Tony delivers the messages with sensitivity and thoughtfulness that is very endearing to watch. Here he is … Other mediums that have this gift and are publicly demonstrating in Australia are Samantha Duly (Perth), Christine Morgan (Sydney), Val Hood (Sydney), Sonny Burgess (Brisbane) and my circle teacher Bev Greaney (Brisbane). There are many others but these are the people whom I’ve personally had readings or teachings with and have come to admire and respect.

I guess this is why the mediums of old remind us that we are at the stage where we are at and each of us must serve our apprenticeship.

We can only keep practising and stay humble. Don’t believe the hoo hah that others may bestow upon you. I have discovered,  the greater the medium the more humble they are because they realise an important point, it’s not about them, it’s about serving the spirit world and keeping themselves out of the way.


Me with Tony Stockwell in Perth, a year ago.

Ca la vie. xx




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