The healing power of mediumship

There is an aspect of the weekend workshop I just attended that I failed to mention. And it’s a HUGE aspect. In a way I’m glad I missed it because it deserves it’s own post. It’s what happens when you are touched by spirit, when you realise that your father IS giving messages through another person to you. When your mother comes through and says something so familiar that you know undoubtably it is just what she’d say. 


When I was 19, and saw Doris Stokes, I had been in a terrible place after my brother committed suicide. I honestly didn’t care whether I lived or died. Life lost all meaning. I felt lost, adrift, depressed.

Yet, after being chosen from the audience and Doris’s remarkable evidence that my brother WAS around, I walked out of that hall 10 feet tall, simply knowing his spirit was very much alive.

In 25 minutes my whole world changed.

I could face life again. It had a purpose and just maybe I’d survive this ordeal.

On the weekend, there was a young lady among us who’s best friend had lost her son. He came through me 3 mediums, different evidence in each appearance but the overwhelming message was ‘tell mum I love her’.  Isn’t that amazing? This woman had the courage to show up to a medium course which she had never done before and then  finds this beautiful young man’s spirit very much around, organising things behind the scenes for the purpose of reaching his beloved mother. How powerful is that.

And this is why I love mediumship.

It has the immense power to heal and to lift ones spirit. 


What a wonderful incredibly humbling experience it is for a medium to bring through a child for a grieving parent. I can think of no other gift which can touch a person to this extent. And this is why I continue on this pathway of learning. Simply to help. To bridge together the two worlds. To give assurance when a bereaved feels lost and depleted.

As I write this, I know from my own experience nearly 40 years ago, how true that is. Since I have opened my heart to spirit, as both my parents has since passed on, it’s made the process just a little bit easier.

As they say, knowledge is power.

Til next blog

loni x

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