5 tips for budding mediums

Patience. There is no fast route to being a true honest medium. It is tried and true, slow and steady. Be wary of any advertisement or teacher whom preaches otherwise.


Look after your body. If you are a medium for service as opposed to money, wouldn’t you want to be a healthy vessel in which to work closely to spirit? We owe it to our team to play our part, that is, keep our psychical body in tip top shape.


Being wrong – actually one of my teachers says you have to let the ego go, allow yourself to be vulnerable. This is actually quite difficult to do in the beginning.

Be gentle on yourself. So many times we beat ourselves up for getting one or two things ‘wrong’ instead of the 6 /7 things we got right. Relax. This is about serving the spirit world, sometimes we interpret the impressions a certain way when we need to learn to ‘give what we get’.


Have fun! Be willing to have a go. Be willing to fail, only then are you closer to strengthening your link! Sitting in meditation or quietude mode, being part of a circle, learning your craft takes time. Allow the process.

                     And as another teacher says ‘Surrender to the Blender’ 

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