Why I love Mediumship

There is one thing I’m passionate about and that is mediumship. My interest in this field began when my brother died at 24.  I had been staying at Bribie Island in a hut with friends and was woken up in the middle of the night. I couldn’t figure out ‘what’ I was hearing, as it sounded like a swarm of invisible bee’s buzzing around me. The next day I was told the devastating news. I was 19 and felt like the rug was pulled out from under me.  Watching my spiral downward, a nursing colleague gave me a book on Doris Stokes. That book turned my life around. I couldn’t put it down and read it over night. Imagine my surprise when this same colleague told me ‘Doris is coming to Brisbane, let’s go see her’.


3 months slipped by and as I drove to see Doris perform on stage, once again, those invisible bees were in my car. It HAD to be my bother. I began to talk to him ‘if this really is YOU please come through tonight’. Imagine my utter surprise when Doris chose me from the audience and began a 20 minute reading, describing my brother, in detail, giving message after message that he wasn’t ‘dead’ his spirit was very much alive.

This experience impacted me on a very deep level. I left Doris that night with an inner peace that I cannot begin to convey. It changed the course of my life. Helped me to begin to heal my grief. It was that powerful. 


My own mediumship development crept up on me slowly, whilst massaging people in my 30’s. I suddenly began to ‘sense’ sometimes ‘hear’ messages for the person. This slow and gentle unfoldment has continued to this day 25 plus years later. I have encountered many incredible experiences working with this gentle energy which is the spirit world.

It’s true when they say mediumship takes many years to develop and we never stop learning or growing. Occasionally, someone will show they have the gift early on, but that seems to be a rarity. However, it does occur. I feel they are picking up where they left off in a past life. For most of us, this is a development that you cannot rush. One learns many lessons, one of which is patience. Martin Twycross says in his wonderful course ‘The Confident Medium” that sitting in meditation/ quiet contemplation is the one route towards developing your gift. You need to have a relationship with your own spirit first, before you can touch anyone else. He also says that no effort to sit in the quiet  is every wasted. The spirit world are very busy on the other side attuning to our vibration.

Words cannot possibly convey the feeling one has during times when you connect with a spirit person. It is like nothing I’ve ever experienced and I’m always so grateful and humbled that this truly magical experience has occurred, yet again. Bless you all.

Til next blog, Love Loni x

2 thoughts on “Why I love Mediumship

  1. Beautiful blog sis!!! You write so thoughtfully. I am sure your words will go on to touch many souls.

    How do you get a blog “out” into the world??
    Lovely photos as always too!!


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