Featuring Martin Twycross

I have decided to write some featured articles about working mediums and teachers whom I admire. The first one is Martin Twycross. I’m so excited that I decided to bite the bullet and en-roll in ‘The Confident Medium’ online course because I can tell you, mediumship is far from easy and confidence is something many of us struggle with. https://www.martintwycross.com


Martin Twycross hails from the UK and is a working medium and Arthur Findlay Trained and Accredited teacher. I loved hearing his personal story because he came to mediumship as an atheist! He wanted proof and he wasn’t about to settle lightly. As such, the world is now blessed with a truly authentic reliable medium and knowledgeable teacher. He explains how important it is, when we first begin on this journey to find a reliable teacher, (online and offline) one whom we can sit in circle who can guide and help us along the way, as well as offering valuable feedback. https://www.arthurfindlaycollege.org

 We need to find some way of attuning, through meditation, contemplation, call it what you will, sitting in the power is a mediation practise but basically it is where we attune to our own SOUL so we can then spend time with the spirit world -its a pre requisite – to touch our own spirit and it’s a extremely valuable thing – but at the end of the day, you have to find what works for you. 

The first module of his course reminded me of a a few truths such as:

We have to fail a huge amount of times before we succeed, once we learn to move and shift and blend…. we know we can repeat it because we have done it before.  We need these mistakes to help us to progress so – embrace mistakes, challenges and problems because it’s ALL part of the learning process.’

And  “the better mediums keep pushing forward, there is always so much more within ourselves to be developed. Our confidence grows the more we believe we can do it, the more trust we show, which comes with experience and practise.”


Martin also talks about the ‘imposter’ syndrome where we tell ourselves that mediumship seems to work “every now and then” but we don’t really KNOW if it’s us doing it and we feel sure one day someone will say “your a fraud” and we will think about giving it up….  many (sadly) have given up due to this pressure and internal dialogue. Martin explains it is because we are so sensitive we get easily demoralised and don’t focus on the 10 things that were taken instead we focus on the 2 things that weren’t!


Martin also advises us to : Move to a place of peace with your past. Accept exactly where you are in this point in time, through pure self acceptance. Remember that ever experience contains value, we can look at our past and take the benefits then release it, in so doing we create a space for a new positive future which starts now…. 

All up, I thoroughly recommend any courses by Martin online, the convenience of this is fantastic, you can lay in bed in your PJ’s listening to a class! He is also extremely affordable which in this arena can sometimes be hard to find. So, if you are interested in developing your psychic or mediumistic gifts, check out the link Martin Twycross. com. Also, I am including a fantastic u tube clip with Martin speaking about the spirit world an interview from the podcast WE DON’T DIE ….. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrUieeHROPs

Til next post, Love Loni x


3 thoughts on “Featuring Martin Twycross

  1. Thanks Leoni .. yes I love Martins methodology.. and also the fact that his courses are so accessible wherever you are in the world and any time 24/7, like you said .. even in your pyjamas . I look forward to watching his modules soon ..


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