Another year approaching 2019

TIS me again, medium, mother of 2, sister, daughter, lover of nature including sunrises and tall tree’s, avid carefree dancer,  vegetarian cook, changer of plans, (I now can blame it on my 5s  )  loyal friend but hopeless appointment keeper. Plans change.


I love my friends with fiery passion and fierce loyalty!  If you’re family AND a Friend, I love you double. Believe me, I have given my all, trusted people I considered friends and been severely side swiped, shaken but unbroken.

I am grateful for it all, true friends and not so true friends. I’ve needed to experience every aspect of this human situation and for that I am eternally grateful. I have learned such valuable lessons, hard ones, lessons of the heart, of trust and vulnerability.

With another year approaching  (2019) I am pondering my next challenge.

You know a gypsy can’t keep still for long. And another year makes me question once again, where I am at ….and … where do I want to BE?

What is that One / Two things that I can’t live without experiencing MORE OF? 

I am a carer, I work with people who are close to the end of their lives. I can tell you one thing I’ve learned this year, the accumulation of Money (although yes great and necessary to have) matters little in the end. Facing the inevitable, quietly, they realise all their worldly possessions, the expensive paintings on the walls…. they cannot take A thing with them on the next part of the journey, It seems so obvious, yet for most of us we still accumulate ‘stuff’ and have a hard time shedding what we no longer need.

Sobering isn’t it? 

So I pose this question to you, the same question I ask myself at this time of the year….

“Are you going to slide into another year without questioning, happy to acquiesce and settle, not realising nor accepting that your fullest shiniest potential is still at arms length…? AND as you sigh deeply, realising that in order to get there you MUST let  your mind protests ‘hey, now hang on a minute… who are you to tell me I have to let go of the known, the comfortable, in order to reach for the stars? Why can’t I sit here enjoying my comfort zone while I sort of reach hap-hazedly for the stars? Why CANT I have my bloody cake and eat it too ?

Oh darling ones, Does life need to become down right rugged in order to teach you truth? To help you to let go in order to truly acquire knowledge, understanding, self awareness?’ 

So  my challenge is this : I crave more medium experiences, to help even more souls to connect with the spirit realm. It’s scary but there is no challenge if it’s not scary! Standing up, speaking up, being vulnerable and connecting with the magical realm of the spirit world but this is the realm that ignights my soul and stretches my vision. It gives my life such a rich purpose and I truly love it from the inside out.

Life demands we be brave. That we love fully,

and that …

We stay humble and open …. to our highest calling and inner pilot light – our truth.