Spirit appearances

I met with friends today. We talked about all things mediumship. Past experiences. The unexplained. One asked how many times we have actually SEEN spirit. I replied ‘twice’ in the sense of seeing with my own physical eyes. It was in a particular house where I lived,  as I sat on a lounge something caught my eye, as I turned to look, this spirit woman slid into the door. Just like that. Another time she stood in her long old fashioned dress in the kitchen. One night my son stayed over, he was up late in the study and the next day said ‘a woman walked by last night – I thought it was you, but when I got up to investigate, you were in bed asleep.’ He had seen her too.

I will share something else, I dreamed of my sister in law last night. Kerryn. Dreams are another way spirit beings can touch us because we are more relaxed in the sleep state and it is somewhat easier for them to make contact. In my dream she was smiling, relaxed and we spoke about being at school together, many moons ago.

I last saw her a couple of years ago and felt intuitively she would be passing over around Easter…. (which was about 4 months away at the time).  I have felt her essence from time to time and imagine my surprise when one of my class mates in circle bought her thru. As I sat nodding confirmation at the evidence of her, I suddenly realised they shared the same NAME! Spirit have an uncanny sense of humour at times!


This is why I love being in a medium circle, we not only have an opportunity to connect with our loved ones who have passed, but its also through the connection to our deeper selves, our higher spiritual self which leaves my mind stilled and my spirit touched. Mediumship is a constant invitation of trusting our own unfoldment.

I tried to explain recently to the caretaker who I briefly chatted to and whom asked me ‘what do you get out of coming here?’ I wasn’t sure he would understand the intricacies of mediumship so instead I replied ‘peace’. I said ‘It is the one time of the week that I put aside to still my mind and connect with my inner self which is divine, strong, invisible.’ There are more layers to it than that, but in a nutshell, this is what I love about meeting with like minded souls, we sit together in peace and in awe of the spirits whom draw close, wanting to be known, their love rekindled, in our precious lives.

Seeing that spirit woman all those years ago led me onto a pathway of learning about why we are here, where do we go when we pass over and how come I saw this woman? It is an ongoing journey which never ceases to amaze me, which is humbling and keeps me open to life’s constant little surprises….




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