Mick – saying hi…

Some of you have probably read my other posts about my beloved brother who is in the spirit world and how he often comes through to me. Our ‘sign’ is a seahorse, which I’ve written about before. This morning, I climbed out of bed and decided to walk to the local coffee shop to buy a take away coffee. This is not something I normally ever do….

As the young woman handed me my coffee she said ‘I’ve put it into a second cup because it’s quite hot’… I thanked her and as I walked outside I realised the ‘other cup’ had a pattern of sea horses. I smiled and mentally acknowledged my brother.


A couple of hours later, I suddenly saw the date and realised it was actually my brothers birthday! Holy moly, how could I forget? I texted my sister reminding her, as she too had forgotten.

This is just a little story to remind us all that our loved ones are never far away, they use ‘signs’ to get thru to us and to show how we are guided and to reassure us that they are really and truly okay. 

Ca La Vie.


2 thoughts on “Mick – saying hi…

  1. What al lovely sign from your brother Mick.. How wonderful you listened to your inner promptings to go for a coffee which led to the seahorse on the cup. I love these heartwarming stories ..,
    Our connection never dies x

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