A nutshell

I met with a medium mate today. It felt so great to discuss all things mediumistic, to get lost in discussion, share a drink, lots of laughs. As we hugged goodbye,  I walked away feeling blessed. In a deep, ‘there you go, this is what life’s really all about’ kind of way.


Being a medium doesn’t make your life easier. If anything, it has more challenges. Different challenges that the average person probably has no idea of. For example: to hold your self in friendship with others but not to take on the vibe of them. Being polite, hospitable, but never leaning too much their way whilst learning to stay in your own power. (Silver birch would say ‘be in this world but not OF the world’) … it takes a bit of practise even tho it may ‘sound easy’.

As mediums, we are excrutiatingly sensitive. Every gift comes with its positive and negative. We can pick up so easily the vibrations of others (which makes us good readers) yet, when we are not ‘open for business’ we don’t want to be so open and sensitive that we absorb other’s energies. Sometimes we just wanna chill, be human, fumble around, laugh at our own silliness. We in effect ‘block’ the vibes that are emanating from other humans. We smile, wave, we’re friendly and we back away. It’s for our own protection.

We are all battling something. Despite who we are, what we have achieved, what we are aiming for, most of us have some hidden story going on in the back ground. We are humans living a life, hopefully, with a few spiritual principles thrown in. Do unto others. Show kindness over righteousness, Help where ever the door opens. At the very least ‘do no harm’ and ‘treat others the way you would like to be treated’ with honesty, openness and non judgement.  Oh and love. Lots and lots of love. IMG_6311.JPG

It sounds easy doesn’t it?

Yet the ‘doing’ (actions speak louder than words) creeps up from behind and slaps us when we are least expecting it.  It reminds us to “love ourselves, value who we are, become inspired by the spirit being you truly are, don’t create drama, be loving, kind, helpful and inspire others to do the same.”

There ya’ go.

Spirituality in a nutshell.



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