Friendships n Fun

Today I walked with a friend, along a gorgeous stretch of parkland I’d not been on before. It was cool and quiet in the early morning and as we began our walk, passed a few houses we saw wallabies sitting in the driveway. Where in city suburbia do you see this? Normally I go walking alone, it provides great thinking space, a time to ponder deeper questions, helps connect with feelings and gives space to hear ones intuition. Walking with my friend gave me different experience, the joy of chatting with someone on a similar wave length, discussing various situations in our lives that requires change or simply our attention.  We talk about going within, what’s being reflected back at us and in the words of Professor Sunder Millar ‘why is this so?’


I realised at times, theres a need to let go of all friendships,  to free everyone and see who comes back in. ‘Those whom are meant for you, will be for you” is a saying that resonates, from one of Florence Shovel Shin’s books.  I like putting this in action, because we don’t have ownership over anyone and it allows friends the freedom to come and go, a healthier way of being. My friend and I must have covered a dozen different topics between the two of us as it dawned on me, she is one friend who keeps coming in. We love early morning walks, music, creativity, we aim to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a glass of red wine at night.  I adore my connection with her, mainly because I can be my truest self around her. This requires a lot of trust. Of course theres lots of other friendships too, people I don’t see for months but when we do, we connect in joy!


Being real, ones authentic self, allowing someone ‘in’ – someone who can sit with our vulnerabilities and still love us, is unique. Being true to our highest selves and leading from the front – by our example, we have the opportunity to truly help another on the pathway of life.  It’s not always easy, plenty of times I’ve fallen (scratched both knees!) but it is in the ability to get up again, face life square on, swallow ones pride, put your head up and have another go, surviving challenging situations that in turn, help build our characters from the inside. As the Beatles sing ‘you become you in time.’


Authentic friendships provide us with soul nurturing. It’s friendship built on trust, truth and love. I believe we humans need deep friendships and heartfelt connections with others (besides our “significant other”). It’s healthy to share, laugh, grow, to extend oneself through relating to another, to let ones guard down and simply ‘be’ in the presence of someone who understands, loves, encourages and supports us, always reminding us of our wings of strength and that we DO have the ability to fly.

til next blog, stay safe, have fun… grab a friend and take a walk…

2 thoughts on “Friendships n Fun

  1. Beautiful darling!!! Love the photos too xxxxxx
    Les, pasha and I are off to coolum for the day. need a cleanse in the ocean…… wash away yesterday. hope you and zoe are feeling well today xxxxxxxxxx

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