Pet Sitting, house sitting n helping

Over the years I’ve done a bit of house sitting and caring for pets. Currently,  Im looking after my daughters gorgeous rag dolls. Isabel, a little shy darling and Frankie, a big fluffy boy with a attitude to match. He talks to me. Honestly. This cat is so vocal and strides around like he owns the place. Just yesterday, as I sat on the lounge reading emails he plonked himself behind me and proceeded to bite my head. Yep. Truly.  I knew he was playing in a funny strange cat way but he was also meowing LOUDLY like ‘come on woman, get up off that lounge  you have NOT fed me nearly enough food.’


Now, I have a thing about spoiled or overweight pets. Us humans often get sooo attached to them that we literally over feed or give them human baby status. I know this first hand because I literally have to say “excuse me” to my sisters dog because she loves to sit on the lounge snuggled beside my sister and looks at me as if to say ‘too bad you take the floor, I’m here first’ …. And IF I try to move her, well, I’ve attempted that once or twice and boy do I get a dirty look and accompaning growl, and not just from the dog. (ha ha)


Getting back to Frankie baby. ‘MEOW’ Bite, MEOW scratch on scalp…. Bloody hell I mumble to myself, he is going to continue this until I give him more damn food. I’ll make him wait another minute or so ‘MEOW bite’ …Ok I give up, have some dry biscuits as well. There is no doubt about it, animals give us more than we give them (except for extra biscuits), because I watch my daughters face light up when she has Isabel in her arms and my sister is in sheer bliss with her dog half human baby snuggled beside her on the lounge. Love is in the air – most defiantly.


So Frankie and I have a thing going on. I swear he understands when I get on the floor to tell him ‘nannies back’. He rolls around, play claws me and loves nothing more than to walk on my body when I’m in bed and plonk down on my pillow no less, with his little face touching mine. He is such a goofy male, yet this loving streak of affection streams out of him at the moment I most want to curl up and switch off for the day. Instead, I have cat fur up my nose and a purring puss beside me. And a loving feeling creeps over me as I realise that he wants nothing more than to snuggle up beside his nanny. Ahhhh.



7 thoughts on “Pet Sitting, house sitting n helping

  1. ha ha ha love it!! Now I just gave you MORE good fodder from my last email (about pasha sleeping between us!) ha ha ha ha

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