Change Challenge Flow.

My life has been a series of ups downs bumps twists turns.. sometimes I think I know whats going on when suddenly things *change*  or I recognise an old pattern has risen again testing my resolve.  I came back to the West to explore options. To feel into the past. To re-ignite my immense love of beaches, wide open spaces and blissful peacefulness surrounded by all this magnificent nature Albany has to offer.


There is no doubt that the south west is one of Australia’s most pristine spots. Rarely do you see the ocean so clean and clear, the beach sand so squeaky white. It helps with ‘earthing’ which David Wolfe speaks of – taking ones shoes off and walking on the earth. ‘Earthing’ helps recharge the body hence helping with a variety of illnesses. High energy vibes.


And so, as I continue to be surprised by what the Universe shows me, the uncanny so called ‘co-incidences’ and exquisite moments of synchronicity I am reminded yet again of the hand of spirit which is forever with us. This morning, I’m walking along, start chatting to a lady who turns out to be my old netball umpire and the mother of the Waifs… I love these wondrous surprises that occur when you step out of your comfort zone, set your feet upon the pathway of life, not knowing what each day will bring.


Here is the jetty where as a young girl I decided to try to teach myself to swim (hated learning to swim in the seaweed on the beach) and subsequently nearly drowned! Thank god for my brother and his friends, one whom jumped in to rescue me. Mick carried me home while I coughed and spluttered, vowing never to try that stunt again. Other funny things have occurred,  like seeing a photo recently when I was 18 and blissfully in ‘love’. 40 years on, we meet again only for me to realise how different I am from that girl. How many countries I’ve travelled to, houses, towns and cities I’ve lived in. All those experiences, where I’ve had to learn to be adaptable and truly live ‘in the flow’ its going to take someone pretty special who can keep up such a pace…Just another realisation in paradise. xx

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