Choices choices, so many choices…

Sometimes theres just too many choices and by the time I finish thinking about the pro’s and cons of all of them I’m totally confused.  Shall I stay here…. head up north to do Help X, go back to Sydney, (lots of nanny work there) buy a camper van, take off O/S and go live where it’s cheap, like Vietnam or Thailand. I could even teach English there. (Hmm, I don’t like being over the other side of Australia when my daughter lives in Bris so Vietnams probably out).


Now whilst I want to be completely fearless, my practical voice constantly reminds me that being a member of the physical world, I need moolah to live on. Unless of course one day I may no longer have to worry about such matters IF I happen to be the one in a zillion who wins Division One – heck even div 2 will do …  (Tell her she’s dreamin). 

The one thing  I AM passionate about these days and want to continue studying is mediumship (while I dream about heading to the UK to study at the AFC.)  Recently I had dinner with a new friend and her hubby and had forgotten how bloody great it feels to hang out with people who get the medium world. We could just be ourselves, no need to sensor what we were explaining because we were all on the same wavelength. I also came across it recently with a couple of new girlfriends in Albany town 🙂 and yes, I miss my medium buddies in Qld and Sydney too….( don’t wanna leave anyone out…)


I often remind people to go within, to sit in the silence, to listen to their intuition, that so many of us have trouble hearing. And I am aware that even the teacher becomes the student because when I’m in my mind – pondering on all these choices I have before me, how on earth am I going to be able to tune into my intuition? Its virtually impossible.

So lately I’ve been announcing to myself ‘listen up, today your not going to think about anything! Go to the beach, take a swim, clear your head young lady.’  It’s the only way I can get a reprieve from my ever questioning mind who wants a decision now, and wants to know what’s going to happen in 3 months time – assurances where there is none.

Our minds need space, peace and quiet in order to tune in.

The life of a gypsy is not a straight line. Neither is it predictable.
But, I’m kinda glad about that.

Keeps things interesting.

Til next blog….





“Everyones welcome in Fremantle”

Ive been in ‘Freo’ a few days now and feeling like a local, getting used to the on/off free buses they kindly put on for folks like me. And locals. It’s a great service which run daily  with 2 separate buses on slightly different routes. I now know where the Maritime Museum is, the infamous Markets, Fremantle hospital, the gorgeous Arts Centre and South beach. When I was speaking to a shop owner yesterday she said she wouldn’t live anywhere else and that ‘everyone was welcome here’. Hence my blog title.

IMG_5061.JPGThe thing that has really struck me are the numerous green parks around, some within the grounds of the arts centre above, but others just situated quietly on various corners.


The other thing thats caught my eye are the funky eateries, vegans are well and truly catered for with funky places like ‘The Chic Pea’, The Raw Kitchen and a dear little shop which I noticed had sugar free goodies along with a great history behind it’s walls. The Fremantle Angels House came into being in 1880 when the family that lived there served meals to new arrivals on ships from England, hence the name ‘Angels House.’ Nice bit of karma right there I’d say.


Fremantle is a bustling thriving community in one of Perths oldest precincts and well worth a visit. I’m glad I discovered a air bnb in a meditation retreat, in east Freo which is spotlessly clean and most importantly lovely and quiet. Oh and you can join in on meditation classes and various courses they have on offer!  “A Happy Mind is a Happy Life” is their catch cry.  For more info :  If you are keen check out  Fremantle –


Loveliness at every corner!



And so, as I continue my walking escapades around this area (I used to aim for 10,000 steps but these last few days I’m well over that) I almost forget I’m in Australia, so much of this gorgeous architecture reminds me of my travels in Europe. Especially Vive la France…

Til next blog, enjoy life, love deeply and stay cool! xx

Change Challenge Flow.

My life has been a series of ups downs bumps twists turns.. sometimes I think I know whats going on when suddenly things *change*  or I recognise an old pattern has risen again testing my resolve.  I came back to the West to explore options. To feel into the past. To re-ignite my immense love of beaches, wide open spaces and blissful peacefulness surrounded by all this magnificent nature Albany has to offer.


There is no doubt that the south west is one of Australia’s most pristine spots. Rarely do you see the ocean so clean and clear, the beach sand so squeaky white. It helps with ‘earthing’ which David Wolfe speaks of – taking ones shoes off and walking on the earth. ‘Earthing’ helps recharge the body hence helping with a variety of illnesses. High energy vibes.


And so, as I continue to be surprised by what the Universe shows me, the uncanny so called ‘co-incidences’ and exquisite moments of synchronicity I am reminded yet again of the hand of spirit which is forever with us. This morning, I’m walking along, start chatting to a lady who turns out to be my old netball umpire and the mother of the Waifs… I love these wondrous surprises that occur when you step out of your comfort zone, set your feet upon the pathway of life, not knowing what each day will bring.


Here is the jetty where as a young girl I decided to try to teach myself to swim (hated learning to swim in the seaweed on the beach) and subsequently nearly drowned! Thank god for my brother and his friends, one whom jumped in to rescue me. Mick carried me home while I coughed and spluttered, vowing never to try that stunt again. Other funny things have occurred,  like seeing a photo recently when I was 18 and blissfully in ‘love’. 40 years on, we meet again only for me to realise how different I am from that girl. How many countries I’ve travelled to, houses, towns and cities I’ve lived in. All those experiences, where I’ve had to learn to be adaptable and truly live ‘in the flow’ its going to take someone pretty special who can keep up such a pace…Just another realisation in paradise. xx