Choices choices, so many choices…

Sometimes theres just too many choices and by the time I finish thinking about the pro’s and cons of all of them I’m totally confused.  Shall I stay here…. head up north to do Help X, go back to Sydney, (lots of nanny work there) buy a camper van, take off O/S and go live where it’s cheap, like Vietnam or Thailand. I could even teach English there. (Hmm, I don’t like being over the other side of Australia when my daughter lives in Bris so Vietnams probably out).


Now whilst I want to be completely fearless, my practical voice constantly reminds me that being a member of the physical world, I need moolah to live on. Unless of course one day I may no longer have to worry about such matters IF I happen to be the one in a zillion who wins Division One – heck even div 2 will do …  (Tell her she’s dreamin). 

The one thing  I AM passionate about these days and want to continue studying is mediumship (while I dream about heading to the UK to study at the AFC.)  Recently I had dinner with a new friend and her hubby and had forgotten how bloody great it feels to hang out with people who get the medium world. We could just be ourselves, no need to sensor what we were explaining because we were all on the same wavelength. I also came across it recently with a couple of new girlfriends in Albany town 🙂 and yes, I miss my medium buddies in Qld and Sydney too….( don’t wanna leave anyone out…)


I often remind people to go within, to sit in the silence, to listen to their intuition, that so many of us have trouble hearing. And I am aware that even the teacher becomes the student because when I’m in my mind – pondering on all these choices I have before me, how on earth am I going to be able to tune into my intuition? Its virtually impossible.

So lately I’ve been announcing to myself ‘listen up, today your not going to think about anything! Go to the beach, take a swim, clear your head young lady.’  It’s the only way I can get a reprieve from my ever questioning mind who wants a decision now, and wants to know what’s going to happen in 3 months time – assurances where there is none.

Our minds need space, peace and quiet in order to tune in.

The life of a gypsy is not a straight line. Neither is it predictable.
But, I’m kinda glad about that.

Keeps things interesting.

Til next blog….