Breaking the cleanse while adventures beckon…

I suddenly realised I haven’t detoxed simply from processed food (AKA crackers, bread, the odd chocolate for being ‘good’), dairy (ohhh cheese, fetta, how I love thee….) BUT Ive  had a detox from the evening news. Ignorance IS bliss.  I have absolutely NO idea whats happening in the World or in politics and to be perfectly honest I couldn’t give a toss. This detox has taken my awareness to another level and I couldn’t be happier.


After day 3 of the juice cleanse my energy returned with a vengeance. I began to spring out of bed at 5.30 am, and was amazed at this change in my energy levels. I fell in love with local beautiful parks and was mesmerised by this tree.  Look at its majesty! 40 years ago I was mesmerised by a tree only if I’d smoked something green or eaten a mushroom of the magic variety. 🙂 If there’s nothing else that inspires you about this blog, I hope the above paragraph does. Get a juicer. (Or pull it out from out of the cupboard)! Don’t make excuses. Your life is precious. For those of us in our 5th and 6th decade, we have more time behind us than in front.  Nourish yourself from the inside and reap the benefits. P.S. One veggie juice is better than no veggie juice 🙂


The reason for my sudden burst of energy is that during stage 2 of the cleanse (days 3 – 7) fats are broken down. Ketones are formed which suppress the appetite. The digestive system has a lovely rest whilst your amazing body begins the cleansing process on the organs and lungs, expelling toxins. Incredible. I have a whole new respect for Joe Cross the guy who juiced for 60 days. Highly recommend him –


As I stood by the waters edge watching my daughter swim and frolic in the waves  just as she did nearly 3 decades earlier,  a wave of deep gratitude washed over me. I honestly, 100% felt incredibly fortunate to live in such an amazing country. We have no wars. We are SAFE. We enjoy gorgeous beaches, rivers and bays, wide open spaces, amazing national parks and glorious night skies. We have an abundance of choice surrounding us, fantastic restaurants, funky cafes with vegan alternatives to a meat burger and fresh farmers markets selling a wide range of wholesome and organic foods.


I arrived in Brisbane 34 years ago, with a stroller, a 12 month old son and a suitcase. I had no idea how things were going to pan out… but there you go. Somehow they did! How blessed and grateful I feel for all the lessons, twists and turns, the joys, the challenges. Those magical moments of synchronicity where you have an ‘aha’ moment like a chance meeting with a new friend whose so much on your page it isn’t funny.  I’m grateful for my so called ‘failed relationships’ – they was rich in lessons! I’ve learned more from the things that didn’t work, from the things that did. Im constantly amazed at the many kind beautiful souls who crossed my path, who were so incredibly loving, caring, understanding and generous. More recently, giving me a space to sleep (the couch, air bed, floor). What an amazing ride it’s been and I love you all! So farewell Brisbane, Im off on a new adventure…

“What if everything you’re going through is preparing you for everything you’ve asked for”





Juice Cleanse Day 6

My daughter and I have accomplished 6 days drinking fresh home juiced combinations of beetroot/basil/tomato/carrot/kale/celery/cucumber/red cabbage/lemon ginger… I apologise in advance to any friends or family to whom I have come across like an evangelist! It’s just that when you gain instant sparkly energy results from something as simple as juice fasting you kinda want your besties to get in on it! In my excitement I forgot that not everyone is ready to take this step. The last detox I did wasn’t a fast, so this has been an incredibly enlightening and very different experience – more challenging.  I’ve watched various documentaries such as  Food Matters, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 1 & 2, David Wolfe talk on Superfoods (U tube) and Joel Fuhrman ( U.S Dr) advocating a micronutrient – rich diet, plant based (yet again). None of these health experts are mentioning adding meat to your diet… hmmmmm. Food for thought?


The first 3 days were hellish. Hunger pangs, headaches, low energy. We took to going to bed at 8 pm to get to sleep (which by the way, was fantastic). Days 4, 5 & 6 – I bounced out of bed at 5.30 am and walked 3 kms. Walked another 2 kms when my daughter arrived home after work followed by laps in the pool… I’ve lost weight, gained more energy and have my chin back… My daughter’s looking great too…. much better than a week ago and it’s obvious she’s lost weight. But it’s not just about the weight, it’s the ENERGY that we are experiencing. Tiredness has vanished during the day and I feel lit from within.


It’s difficult to fathom that the USA spends nearly $12 BILLION advertising lollies, drinks and fast foods yet only $9.55 MILLION on healthy eating?  I guess we need to start asking ourselves why is that so? (Professor Sunder Millar for those who grew up in the 70’s… was that even his name?) … Anyway my point is, I for one, (and all change starts with ourselves) consciously choose to take more control over my health, embrace a plant based diet once again, include these amazing juices (look at the colour of that!) and stay away from anything processed. This includes not burgers which I happen to enjoy…. However, tempeh on the other hand is fine because its fermented. Yay for tempeh!

There’s many reasons we resist change ….emotional, addictions, (especially to sugar) boredom. We cling onto our bad habits as if our very life depends on them… It’s tough sometimes! Recently I read a article about people who struggle to give up smoking, it’s not because they’re weak willed but because they like to feel in control of something, which made sense to me as an ex smoker.


I’m doing a happy dance with this colourful vibrant, full of nutrients salad… My new goal is to continue drinking juices and slide into Joe Cross’s 10 day reboot program because then I can consume salads like this… with some added seeds, legumes, nuts….. Such a good feeling to start a new year off… in the direction that you want to continue to go. (and grow)…. Whatever we do now in regards to our health will gain results, either we reap the benefits down the track or pay the price, it really is up to us.

doorway blocking


Juice Fast. Day one….

Well this has been no ordinary week. I had a day’s work, packed my suitcase for W.A. and spent time watching documentaries on healthy living, including Food Matters! My daughter and I have decided to go on a juice fast for health reasons. We watched the Joe Cross documentary ” Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.” Its a sobering story and provides a wake up call for us all. Basically he lost a ton of weight along with ALL his health problems by having nothing but freshly made juices, mostly vegetable.


I’ve been juicing on and off for years, decades in fact. I love to start my day with a juice…. however, this is serious juicing, I’m taking it up a notch,  6 – 8 juices every day for the next 14 days. I don’t even know if I can do it but I’m certainly gonna try.

One of the things that’s hit me is how long the day is when you don’t eat actual food and believe me I’m only 2/3rds into the first day and I am craving food. Apparently this eases after about day 3 – 4. I’m also bargaining with myself (and my daughter) .. “maybe if we go well…. we could have/eat ….” Already we have discussed the probability that we may only last one week. Our goal is 14 days so we will see how we go. Sounds easy?


GOODBYE to processed white foods including starchy (yummy) potatoes.

Headaches have already begun to come and go and I expect they may get a worse before the fog clears and that sparkling clean feeling overtakes us. The feeling when you know ‘somethings changed’.  Just as I’ve done 2 detoxes in the past, both allowed eating vegetarian food, so this is a LOT different. No food. Not one drop. Just juice.

I’m also realising why people stay on their medications, it’s actually easier to pop a pill than to put yourself through discomfort. It’s easier to put the responsibility for our health into the hands of the medical profession. I for one, like to question everything they have to offer me. When I was first nursing I remember reading a article about the worse foods we could possibly eat and was shocked to realise they were in most of the meals we were giving our patients every day. So why wait until we get sick and put our health, our very lives, in the hands of the medical profession/pharmaceuticals?

We can do things now and challenge ourselves by becoming uncomfortable in order to gain better health… I want to make the most of it and take control while I can… as Joe Cross says in his doc, if you eat foods made by someone in a white coat, you will one day end up seeing someone in a white coat. If you feel inspired and want to join us to embrace better brighter health, contact me. I will guide you as best I can….

The emphasis is getting rid of any processed food and welcoming in the “fresh is best” policy – namely- veggies… (only a little fruit because of the high fructose.)  In my mind I thought I ‘ate fairly well’. The reality is I still love cheese and crackers and that glass of wine at the end of a day. Now, that’s going to change big time. 


HELLO to fresh natural produce……

Im always surprised at those cakes laden with icing that people still buy for morning tea’s, most recently at a work training day. I realise that most of us are struggling to keep processed foods at bay. One reason is simply because sugar is highly addictive. As is caffeine, (which is also in tea). Junk in = Junk out. Its pretty simple, yet we justify our choices and make up stories in our heads to protect us from the cold hard facts.

SO this is an experiment to kick off 2018. I am challenging myself by getting back to basics. For all the knockers, watch Joe Cross’s doco. He says he never felt better, in his entire life, after 60 days simply on juice! And that is good enough for me. Til next blog…




Hair Colour – Does it defines us….?

Some of you know, I have decided to embrace my natural hair colour… To say it’s been easy would be fibbing. Two years ago I saw a woman sporting a funky short white spiky hairstyle, along with an impressive tattoo on her upper right arm and some part of me smiled and thought ” I like that!” ‘I want that!’ It’s funny how things impress us and at the time we think it’s just a fleeting thing. I had no idea that moment would impress upon me deeply…. and when the time was right… when I felt brave and bold I would embark on this journey of total inner self-acceptance at its very grass ‘roots’ level….


It’s been quite a journey. When I think back to several weeks ago when I was about to take a photo of my (OH MY GOD NOT MY ROOTS?)  I was hit by a wave of intense fear, embarrassment, even shame.  It was like I was taking a photo of someplace very very private…. far more private than my damn head…..I even had to speak firmly to myself ‘my god loni, it’s just your hair roots, why on earth do you feel like your auditioning for a porn movie?’

I was surprised by my own awkardness. My inner self-loathing that finally, after 35 odd years of dying my hair, of covering up who I truly was, ever so slowly, uncovering and for goodness sakes… accepting… the real me. Warts, white hair and all. 

Thankfully, its been a  fairly quick transition. Something inside me (my renegade self) kept urging me forth. YOU have this. YOU can do it. Who care’s if you get the odd look? Does it really matter if a few friends think it doesn’t suit you? After all, it’s your hair, your head, you can do what you jolly well like!

I suppose I should have expected some backlash….  One lady friend told me she was disappointed I was ‘letting myself go’  ( and thus fall into some deep pit never to return?) … and I was taken aback by the reactions of 2 males that felt the need to add their 2 cents worth  ONE:  ‘ ‘its wayyyyyyy too short’ and … TWO:  ‘Im not quite sure-  Loni – that I particularly like it’ …  I marveled that I would never have considered ever, to comment on their hair styles (or lack thereof) yet funnily they thought it quite okay to comment on mine.

It’s a bloody good thing I’d been practicing my mantra as I drove alone in my little silver echo happily transitioning…. Like pooh bear, I sang my little song….

“I don’t care ….it’s only hair.. and hair grows… and besides… It isn’t ME!  the real me is somewhere inside …. and besides…… (FFS)   It’s  only HAIR’  and hair grows…..La la ta dahhhh. I love me and the real me isn’t my hair… la la larrrr”

SO here I am. Over the last 8 – 10 weeks.





To be honest, my hair has never felt so soft and silky. I’m in awe of the re-growth. I’m feeling happy with the ease to which a short pixie cut enables me to style and get ready in the morning! Eventually I’ll grow it, I’m looking forward to experimenting with curls and wonder how soft and malleable they will be. I salute the many other transitioning brave and fearless women on the facebook pages ‘Growing grey gracefully’ and ‘Growing grey guide book‘ .… you all ROCK. Your encouragement has helped me SO MUCH! I love seeing all these amazing strong empowering transitioning ladies!

All up, this is a great experiment in gauging ones own level of self-esteem whilst becoming more aware of one’s inner self-talk….   there have been days I’ve avoided all mirrors….and sternly told myself to “pop on a hat and get about your day”.

I realize I’m in some deep chamber of change…ever so slowly, subtly, embracing… another tiny step towards loving and accepting my ever-changing self.



Week ONE 2018.

I decided to write a blog each week in 2018….

I celebrated New Years Eve at my sisters, with a bottle of bubbly, a feed of crackers, cheese and olives, watching her hand feed the red king parrots.

IMG_3961.JPGA friend invited me to visit Noosa, how could I say no to a night there? We sat on her back verandah, watching an amazing sky full of shifting clouds creating amazing images. Her place was situated up high on a hill at the Junction and the vista was so pretty….


A few days later another friend offered me a free healing session.  As it turned out, I needed to let go of some ‘stuff’ and after a cry, a voice dialogue exchange and energetic lift, I left feeling free-er, happier and on purpose, ready to face taking on Brisbane. Thank you Universe….


I ventured onto my daughters…. she’s still on holidays until the 7th so it was a timely arrival helping her with a big house spring clean. Trips to op shops and garbage bins, dumping stuff no longer needed or used ready to start a new year all over again.


On the weekend we drove to the Gold Coast, swam in the ocean, laughed heartily and breathlessly, tried to surf waves, got severely dunked whilst gulping mouthfuls of salt water. I choked on my laughter, got rolled around in the surf as if I were in a washing machine and once again felt the power of nature and the surf. Total respect.

Each morning I woke, Mister Frankie cuddled me as I sat out on the back deck sipping my early morning cup of tea…. wondering about what the new day would bring…. Heck, I think he even loves me a little by the look on that face.


We also: cleaned her car, visited the car wash and went on early morning walks, power walked around a wonderful parkland nearby, up and down hills among greenery. There’s something nice about exercising out in nature instead of in a gym…


My verdict of first week in January?

I loved it.

Maybe not for the high flying job and copious amounts of money….. but for the little things, spending quality time with my daughter, laughing on the beach, discussing the difference of personalities between her cats and which food best suits their needs in the supermarket aisle. Sitting with my sister, swapping massages as we watch Netflix…..

It’s these little moments, of genuine connectedness with another human being which gives life its value.

Any meagre word of advice I’d give would be :

Take the quality moments and savour them. Love them.

And don’t forget to be yourself :  REAL, authentic, honest….

Til next week xx




Happy New Year Folks

Ashgrove, Bardon, Burleigh, Clayfield, Paddington, Wynnum, Machans Beach, Mt Gravatt, Macgregor, Robertson, Graceville, East Brisbane, Windsor,  Morningside, Sunnybank, Sunnybank Hills, Loganholme, Cornubia, Currimundi, Doonan, Carindale, Caloundra, Mt Cooroy, Tewantin, Tingalpa, Gympie… are you tired yet? These are some of the places that I’ve lived since arriving in Brisbane in 1980, (some suburbs I’ve lived in 2 – 3 houses).  In years gone by it seemed nothing to pack up and move again. I liked the change. I liked the houses with swimming pools, the constant variety, it was fun setting up new spaces and exploring new areas.


Over the last year tho, I’ve grown tired. In fact, when I think about moving again I feel exhausted, the mere thought of all those boxes sends a deep groan from within, not again! So I’ve decided to change pace for 2018. I’m changing gears, moving from city life to a country lifestyle again. Time to create a pace of life that suits me now. Change is good. It keeps us on our toes, gives us an opportunity to see things with fresh eyes which can help propel us forward.

There is also value in standing still, feeling settled, allowing time and space to co create a life style which gives us a deeper nurturing from within. Allowing our stillness to develop roots, to be at peace, no matter where we are or what we are doing. Feeling tired has given me the chance to reflect on what type of lifestyle I need now…. how do I want to grow in the future? What hobbies have I put on hold for years? What acts of service have I always wanted to do yet never found the time for?

I wish everyone a Happier New Year, may 2018 bring you into more fullness, into your higher calling, into greater peace and freedom.