The ups and downs of XMAS

You know, Xmas is a time of great stress for many families. Sometimes, it signifies loss and heartache. Memories of loved ones no longer in one’s life. It can be very difficult when everywhere you gaze are happy families. Believe me, among all the champagne bubbles there is a pulsating sadness. So for those who do have a happy family, enjoy them and be mindful to treat one another gently because you never know who’s fighting a quiet battle inside.

xmas tree.jpg

Our lives are forever changing in some way. How do we accept this? Do we release and let go and be swept along a new current or do we hang on, unwilling to let go because we know when we do, there is pain involved?  Yet staying in a situation that is toxic or abusive is far worse. When we refuse to release from toxicity we merely tread water going around and around in circles. It’s tiring. I know because I’ve experienced it.

So as we approach this time of the year, it gives us time to reflect on what’s been and in such a wistful mode as I let go of things, people, experiences that were, 2018 beckons! A new year! What possibilities lay undiscovered? What beat do you hear being played? What excites you? What new ‘something’ are you being called to do, be or give?  I’m feeling a new direction opening up for me, one that’s been knocking on my soul for some time and one where I’m finally ready to step into. When all else falls away, whats next?


Always remember, as one door closes so another one opens. Keep your trust high. Walk forward confidently, even if you feel afraid. The Universe will always support your growth. We reap the benefits of whatever we do now, or pay the price up the track.  This can be applied to our finances, bodies, our health, mental health…. food for thought eh? I use that saying to help guide me, mindful that we have but one body and it truly is our temple. Look after it.

Happy New Year everyone. I trust it is yet another step forward 🙂

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