Spirit Whispers A Book Review

If ever there was a book that describes the highs and lows of a mediums life, “Spirit Whispers” is it. I couldn’t put it down and realised why Charmaine is so widely recognised (winning psychic of the year helps too of course) but well deserved! Apart from that, she shows where she is truly coming from, that place of unconditional love. No wonder she is so down to earth, it’s the stuff that she’s been through which has shaped her into the woman she is today.    Charmaine Wilson.jpeg

I recall how Silver Birch talks about ‘as low as a soul goes so correspondingly they can rise’. I love that because it gives everyone hope and the reassurance that you can grow into your fullest highest self no matter what you have endured.   https://thesearchforlifeafterdeath.com/2017/02/26/silver-birch-teaches-about-life-in-the-beyond/

Spirit Whispers shows this clearly in Charmaines life. I was reading those first chapters thinking to myself ‘what else could go wrong? Oh no! Not the loss of a child?’ But that was only the beginning, I don’t want to spoil the story so I won’t give away too much more but this is one book that I’m very glad I read. It teaches me that there are many ways up the medium pathway and at the end of the day, it’s our relationship with the spirit world that is important. Human teachers come and go, it’s how we help others and teach as we are inspired to do,  leading by example.

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If everything happens for a reason, maybe we will look back on this life and see how it all fitted together like a proverbial jigsaw. So, if your looking for a holiday read, go to your nearest library and grab a copy of this remarkable ladies journey. Or buy a copy online then you have your very own to loan others. Stick with it til the end because it truly is an inspirational read, (especially if you happen to be a developing medium).  jigsaw .jpg