Own It

I’ll let you in on a secret. About 6 months ago I joined a group on FB called growing grey gracefully. Its a group of women who are embracing their natural hair colour…

I’ve been dying my hair since my mid 30’s and after 20 odd years I’m concerned about the effect those chemicals are having. Doubled with a link between hair dye and cancer, it has me seriously reconsidering. If the skin is our largest organ then how much of that am I ingesting? More to the point, why am I exercising, eating clean food, taking my aloe vera juice every day if I’m still popping chemicals on my head? It doesn’t make sense So, quietly on the sidelines, I’ve been following these ladies and applauding their courage.

hair 2.jpg

Shortly after, the Universe popped an amazing bright sparkly lady right in my pathway. We got chatting and I commented on her amazing hair – about 4 inches of white and 5 inches of jet black.

‘Your so courageous’ I sighed

She laughed, shining with inner beauty and replied ‘I’ve had more people comment on my hair since making this decision than every before – I reckon we should own it!’

I doubted I could do it but loved the ‘own it’ tag line.

Its a funny thing when someone is doing something as simple as embracing a part of themselves – they give us permission to be ourselves too. Over the last few weeks I’ve been asking myself ‘What is this really all about? A part of me is scared about beating my own drum, being my own white haired shiny new self. Daily I’ve been challenging myself, why not embrace the new phase of my life? I’m closer to 60 than 50 now so why the heck not? Why be afraid or ashamed of these changes? It’s a mind set, a perspective, that’s all.

I’ve waited a long time to feel this creeping sense of self -empowerment.

hair 3.jpg

I think for many of us, we are at the cross roads. We can sense another direction, or need to change tact but for some reason, we’re afraid of taking that step. Whats the worse that can happen? Over the weekend a friend reminded me once again, what life is really all about – connecting with others. Who cares really, what our hair colour is? It’s a fairly trivial issue really in the big scheme of things! Enjoy, Embrace, be you. xx