How I quit smoking

Ill let you in on a secret! Once apon a time, I loved smoking.

I started when I was 16 and continued until 26. A packet a day was normal for me. When I look back I think ‘oh god, what was I thinking?’ I had always suffered bronchitis when I was a kid so smoking was the last thing I needed.

I grew up in a typical 70’s family. We all smoked, all 5 kids and dad.

Mum was the only one who didn’t and never complained about her kitchen turning into a smoke bomb! They were the days everyone who visited also lit up in the house and believe me with 5 kids we all had friends who smoked and who loved to visit! It never occurred to us to step outside.

My how times have changed.

When I was 26 I met the father of my daughter. He was very concerned about my smoking and introduced me to Aloe Vera, the Forever Living Range of Aloe which is harvested in the USA and very pure, organic.

So with his encouragement he bought me a bottle of the gel and dropped it over one day and said in good ol aussie slang ‘take a couple of swigs morning and night, along with lots of water. Let the Aloe detox your body and get rid of those cigarette poisons.’

I must admit I was getting a little worried about the effect smoking was having on me. If the telephone rang I would race through my unit to answer it only to hear ‘Have you been running?’ I was so out of breath just from that! It was a wake up call.

Time to change tact.

Aloe vera set my feet apon a new pathway.

I drank that first bottle, and found I just didn’t have the cravings. it was easy to cut back.

I went from smoking a packet to half. And this was from someone who enjoyed smoking and honestly I was addicted. I wasn’t at all sure I could quit! But there you go….

Within 6 weeks and 4 bottles of gelI had cut down to 3 a day and from that point it was easy.

I never looked back and certainly don’t miss smoking at all… And that’s from someone who not only was thoroughly addicted but LOVED to smoke ! heck oh heck !

This is a very affordable option to whats out there in the market ! Don’t miss this opportunity. I want to help you get free of this insidious addiction.

Email me for encouragement or if you would like to try the aloe xx

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