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The Blog Challenge …

An email popped into my inbox the other day inviting me to  ‘enter the blog challenge for 30 days… yarda’…  On first look, I thought,  ‘yeah I can write a blog post each day for 30 days’ how hard can that be? Then I reminded myself ‘hey you work 7 days straight (live in) –  so there goes one week….. can you really do it?’ Instead,  I’ve been reading their tips and insights, some that resonate with me because (drum roll) I am changing my blog site to reflect something that I’m passionate about. (Stay tuned –  this blog is changing soon!) So todays challenge was ‘write about something that didn’t go to plan. A time that you stumbled.’

That’s easy (thought I) I’ve stumbled so many times I’ve simply lost count.


There were the many times I thought I had found ‘the one’ and ended up with dripping egg on my chin.. the time I was re-aquatinted with an old flame, initially thinking he was ‘the one I’d let slip through my fingers’ only to realise that, no, I have moved on and changed from the girl I once was … ‘

Then there were several times I went back to a certain ‘ex’ believing his promises of ‘change’ only to find (alarmingly) nothing had changed and once again, I was faced with, that familiar question …” who are you going to listen to girl, YOUR intuition or HIS promises?”  That took a while for me to ‘get’ because for some reason I always thought someone knew better than I….

Yep, life can be one long twisty gnarly road sometimes, especially when we deviate from our god given gift of intuition… sometimes we just don’t want to believe what we kinda feel is right. Whats with that?

Over recent years,  I’m getting better with taking the brakes off ‘my life ‘ (and all I thought I was in control of) and to learn to simply let go of all outcomes.


Ahhh a boot camp on letting go. Now that’s one retreat I’d love to go on!

On early discoveries, I’ve gained a little more ahhh time… when I realise “Hey I actually feel pretty good with this Letting go and Letting God take over…’  Even tho stuff happens that is not what we had hoped for and we can wonder the “why” and ” what for” as we ponder if we have attracted it in and if so, how come,  and what for?

There’s so much to consider in this life…

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