Yes or No?

I started a blog about this the other day,  the “yes or no” vote, which is costing millions of dollars to see whether my fellow Aussies are in favour of gay marriage or not. I didn’t realise what a red hot topic it was and how it’s dividing friendships!

rainbow mountain

It seems to have bought up many other topics, like gender issues, children debates,  what we call someone who has transitioned and many other things. There is the ‘christian’ view of marriage that it is sacred for a man and a woman and because of that, some people are, I believe, sitting in judgement.

I am going to try to keep to my theme of inspiring and write something that hopefully is a little relevant and uplifting. Regardless of yes or no, please know – human being whom may read this, that I care. I think we need to take this back a step. Those people who are talking about the NO vote, really? If it were YOUR child who wanted to marry their same sex would you still feel so strongly? I think it is so easy to sit back and judge others when we have not had the experience!

So to the gay people of our world, who have suffered so much discrimination thus far….


I care about you as a human being. I care if you are okay and feel understood. I care because, I also care about my flesh and blood, my sister, brother, children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews in my family, and ask myself  if I would love them any differently if they were gay?

I know the answer to that within a heart beat.  Love is love. Pure and simple.

Who you love and feel drawn to, I do not have the right to judge that, only support you on your quest for self discovery, self awareness and self love as I do for myself..

The freedom to choose.

The freedom to love whom I choose.

The freedom to marry if I choose. And with whom, I choose.

A basic human right. Isn’t it?

Why are we making this so complicated? I honestly don’t get it. Seems a lot of fear mongering going on. A lot of ‘but if we say yes to this.. then… that will happen…’ ?

Peace on, my fellow humans and remember make love, not war…….



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