Becoming a medium

For a few years I walked away from mediumship and development. I was involved in a toxic relationship and mediumship development requires a tranquil environment in order to grow more attuned. Yet I learned so much about life and relationships from the toxic union that I see how it played a vital role… At the end of the day, it helped move me along, get clear who I really was and clarified whats real, true and important in my life.

I know many mediums have had very challenging lives, they have dealt with disease, lost loved ones at an early age, and seem to have a bit more on their plate… which goes with the territory. Perhaps it’s designed this way because in order to have deep compassion for others, to truly *feel*,  we need to have experienced a lot of lifes challenges.

I recall Silver Birch saying feel sorry for those who have an easy life. The soul comes into it’s own through turmoil and that we are like diamonds, needing our rough edges smoothed over. It sounds a bit simplistic, but rest assured there are dozens of books written through Silver Birch’s trance medium Maurice Barbenell, which go into great detail of the finer workings of the spiritual world.


I had my own poignant message given to me as a young woman, whilst I was dealing with immense heart ache at losing my beloved brother when I was 19. The rug had been pulled out from under my entire family and we could not believe what was happening.

mick me tru.JPG

Me and Trudi my younger sis (how cute is she?) and our big brother! Mick.

I had already sensed my brother on 2 occasions that were so incredible and strong, an ‘energy’ pulsating around me that left me bewildered and confused. It certainly got me thinking! Could it be? Was it him? I now believe he came to see me only hours after his passing, waking me up from a deep sleep. Again, in the car as I was driving to see Doris Stokes,  I felt this energy pulsating beside me. I actually felt he was sitting with me, with a huge grin on his face saying ‘hey sis, I’ve got this!’


My Nanna, me and Mick beside us.

Imagine my surprise when I took my seat and was the second person chosen from the audience. Doris pointed to me from the stage,  ‘It’s you dear, a light lights up behind the person I’m to speak to. Don’t be afraid… I have a young man standing beside me who has been in the spirit world for 3 months. He is saying the name ‘lon’….’


(above photo) My mothers painting of Mick before he died.

That opening message has stayed with me my entire life.  I cannot begin to relay how comforting it was, how it changed the trajectory of my life. Doris went on to speak to me for at least 10 minutes giving other evidence, like how one of my great grand mothers had died (I had no idea) and this was confirmed the following day by mum. I began to read books on mediumship to learn what had happened and how this phenomena takes place and eventually, had my own experiences as I began to massage people. I never would have imagined this would also become a part of my life and it continues to amaze me, the wonderful experiences that come as a part of ones spiritual development as we attempt to merge with the spirit world. It is an unfolding gift, something I respect and admire, to be of service to those whom are also recovering from grief.

Love Loni x

Finding the Shells….. Middelton Beach.

From the time I was about 16, I constantly asked “what is this life all about.?”  I used to run to the beach as a girl, sobbing with confusion at my parents terrible arguments, sit on a rock and cry to the wind ‘Hey God, I’m in the wrong family!!! Questions about energy, the law of attraction, karma, what happens when we die, why are we here, what’s it all about?  Is spirit able to influence us? Is intuition our guiding force? These are questions I’ve been seeking answers to my entire life. So, one time, about 10 years ago I found myself at the cross roads. I had turned my back on my spiritual questioning and development, and believed in a man, his promises, “the story”.  But life has a funny way of bringing you back to your knees…. and the following story is about that time.

‘I sat on a wooden seat at Middelton Beach, alone, heavy hearted, bereft with confusion. My second marriage was falling apart and I’d left Brisbane to spend some time with my mother in Albany, a small town in the south west of W.A. The wind was howling like I remembered it from my childhood. I felt completely numb. What do I do next? Where do I go from here? If I was blunt with myself I knew the relationship was over. The pattern had become rote. We had tried for 5 years to make it work and had failed. 

Our arguments had become a battleground of power and control and would escalate if I didn’t back down. I was tired of acquiescing for the sake of peace.  I understood the repetition of patterns learned in childhood. How we re-live them until we learn, grow stronger and let go. I realised full well where I’d learnt this pattern (childhood) and yet unconsciously and emotionally I seemed to be driven to keep repeating the drama.

Hence, I was emotionally exhausted on every level. 

The clouds obscured the sun and I pulled my jacket up around my neck. It was August, a chilly time of the year to be back in Albany. Suddenly, I felt an urge to walk down to the right hand corner of the beach, towards the rocks where I used to sit as a girl, crying into the wind, asking for help then too. As I walked over the mounds of seaweed I stood quietly, gazing. The rock I used to sit on remained unchanged and the jetty I remembered as a kid, stood stoically, solid. 

I turned slightly, and sitting there in perfect mint condition was a large shell. A whole rather large shell! I looked around, amazed at my discovery. Surely early morning walkers would have spotted this beauty?  I picked it up and held it to my chest marvelling in my lucky find. ‘Thank you’ I whispered. A feeling of reassurance washed over me as I intuitively felt that everything would work out all right, that I would rise through this wall of emotional turmoil that hovered alongside and within me.


The following day, I decided to repeat this. I drove to the beach early,  sat on the bench and talked to ‘god’. Once again, I walked to the right hand corner of the beach and there among the mounds of seaweed was a second shell, almost in perfect condition. What were the chances? I was completely gobsmacked. The only other miracle like this that had happened was the time I was chosen out of an audience at a Doris Stokes Show.

But this, came right in my hour of need.’ 

I re tell this story because it inspires me that perhaps we are all being guided far more than we know.  We are never alone, even when we feel we are. There is always hope and that is something we should never ever let go of especially when we feel lost, exhausted, alone and bewildered as I certainly did during that period in my life.

Lub Loni xx