Eye gazing

Many moons ago, I attended a personal development course at the Relaxation Centre, in Brisbane, held by Bert Weir. One of the exercises he gave us to do, was to find someone we didn’t know and gaze into each others eyes for 5 minutes.  I have to say, for me, it was an extremely uncomfortable experience (and I suspect, for many others it was too) and the longest 5 minutes of my life.


If the eyes are the window to our soul, then having someone gaze into them, someone to whom we aren’t acquainted,  gives an entry into some private area of ourselves.  Fear raises it’s head here… what will they see, something I can’t?

Over the years as I’ve learned more about life and thus myself, I’ve lightened up a bit. I’m no longer afraid of someone gazing into my eyes and when I think about the healing prospect of doing this I’d like to try it again. When I saw the advert for the new Ray Martin show coming on SBS ‘Look me in the eye’ it instantly piqued my interest.

eyes 2. .jpg

Many of us, sadly, are estranged from someone whom we used to share a loving bond with. Life is not quite the same when he/she is no longer is present. The pain is palpable at times and I for one, would welcome the opportunity to try this.  I believe, by sitting opposite one another without speaking, the power of healing can transpire. We are so much more than our words and our personalities.

We are energy, vibrating, feeling beings with so much depth.  The yearning to be whole, to have any angst in relationships healed, is for most of us – a dream. Yet I believe, it’s very possible. It just takes 2 willing participants.

Are you ready to let go of the angst and the pain of the past.

Are you ready to be truly free?

Any thoughts on this blog ?

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