Sprinklin Joy

Well, I arrived on a friends doorstep a week ago with no where to live. She smiled and said ‘thank god your here girlfriend’… Once again, the timing was impeccable and I silently thanked the Universe.  My friend had just had an op on her hand and was all plastered up. ‘You have no idea how difficult life is when your down an arm – come on inside!’ Before long, I made myself a comfy space on a wee mattress in her spare room and got busy cooking, shopping and running a few errands.

me cooking brussel sprouts I got busy prepping a tray of soon to be roasted brussel sprouts, coated with garlic, parmesan cheese and oil. Boy were they yummo – I ate so many I couldn’t eat any dinner.

Another friend mentioned ‘it seems to me that you move from place to place sprinkling joy where ever you go.’ I thought about it and decided that was a lovely way to describe my new life. I help out where I can. Life is pretty darn good and sure beats 9 – 5 office work which I did once for a few years. NO wonder I was so unhappy being cooped up all day! That lifestyle sure wasn’t for me. A few years ago I asked a friend who is arabic, if he would create one of his carvings for me. He asked what word I’d like and I said ‘anything that comes to you!’ I was a little taken aback when he bought it to me a few weeks later. He had no idea my middle name was ‘Joy’.

JOY 0.jpg

So yeah, I like to think I am sprinkling kindness and joy around this Universe where ever I travel, whom ever I meet or spend time with….. It’s a nice thought isn’t it?

me cooking 2

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