Detoxing at Heartland Retreat, Gympie.

Hi again!

I’ve done a couple of detoxes over the years and had been feeling it was time to do another. It just so happened my beautiful sister invited me to trial a new program they were running – ‘a la detox’. I said goodbye to Hervey Bay, coffee, processed foods, my favourite cheese, all dairy, sugar, alcohol and ‘hello’ to Heartland Spiritual Retreat, 80 acres of tranquility, raw salads, veggie juices, coconut milk smoothies and divine veggie soups. Got to love the timing of the Universe…. Heartland is situated 7 mins north of Gympie and has been running for 12 years under the loving guidance of Trudi and Les.

waldorf salad

There is nothing quite like being tucked away at a soothing peaceful retreat space.  To feel no pressure to have to do anything. At the intro talk by Les, he re-iterated this was a week for us to simply enjoy the vibe, detox and if we needed to go lay down whenever we wanted, we could. I know I would have struggled to complete this on my own. The support of the other participants and informative talks by Lesley Dymond, a highly experienced naturopath from Mullum Herbals certainly helped me stay on track and keep motivated. Lesley’s happy disposition made the detox process almost effortless!

It’s the little things that you notice at Heartland that make you feel ‘at ease and loved’  the sprinkling of fresh herbs over your meals, the simple attention to loving signs in flower gardens, fairy lights that glitter at night and friendly faces encouraging you.

Pond pic

So, with no further ado, here is my experience in a nutshell, bearing in mind, I now have another week of detoxing to complete on my own.

Sunday afternoon: We gathered at Heartland to settle in and meet with Lesley to receive our detox packages and run through any health issues we had. It was good to know that this “2 week easy cleanse” detox had helped loads of people around Mullumbimby for many years. After a simple nutritious bowl (or 2) of vegetable soup and an evening meditation, we settled into our new surroundings.

Day One – Monday

Started the week with a beautiful massage with Lesley and cruised thru the day okay. Experienced a dull headache during the afternoon which prompted me to drink more water!  Took my psyllium shakes x 3, herbal tincture, minerals and herbal teas. Everyone loved breakfast – Flourless pancakes with eggs, banana and cinnamon,  fruit salad, coconut yoghurt and a spoonful of activated roasted nuts!


Day 2 – Tuesday

Day started off with a gentle tai chi class – thoroughly enjoyable, followed by a fresh fruit salad with coconut yoghurt. I honestly wasn’t hungry because the psyllium fills your tummy. Interesting discussion with Lesley about the detox process to help us understand what was going on at a deeper level. I had much to ponder! Lunch was a delicious stuffed mushroom and a small salad that left everyone raving about the tasty mushie.  By 2 pm though, a headache slowly took hold of me and I was on my bed until 6. I could barely open my eyes – the light was so bright!  Slowly, it began to lift and I joined the group for a light stir fry dinner then back to bed. Missed out on yoga and an art lesson. Ah well. I’m really not missing my daily coffees or evening glass of vino as my taste buds are changing…. Bowel movements – 12…. Unbelievable!

Steamed greens/ stir fry veg/ satay sauce…mmmmm

satay veg

Day 3

After a fantastic nights sleep, had a pretty good day with more regular visits to the loo. It’s amazing what passes through your body! Enjoyed another class of Tai Chi with the humorous Darren and an afternoon yoga class with the lovely Susy. I’m getting used to taking all my herbs and especially enjoying the afternoon pot of tumeric, ginger and black pepper tea. Who would have thought a tiny sprinkle of black pepper would lift a cup of tea?  I even made a face mask from the Bentolite Clay and sat in the sauna for half an hour until I was nice n sweaty. A dull headache was bothering me again during dinner so skipped the meditation and hit the hay instead.

Day 4

Woke early and after a light breakfast we all jumped in Heartlands mini bus to drive to Tin Can Bay to feed the dolphins. I was feeling pretty lethargic and tired, so being outdoors, watching the early morning mists lift as we drove along was very pleasant. The dolphins were delightful, of course, and we all enjoyed feeding and watching them bobbing in the shallows.  Whilst there, a mother and baby dolphin came along which was a real thrill. After arriving back at Heartland, we enjoyed a chakra dance with Trudi followed by another interesting session with Lesley who showed us all the various homeopathic remedies she works with, followed by lunch, afternoon rest, then into the art shed for some ‘time out’  creating personal collages for ourselves, a lovely way to keep ourselves inspired and self motivated.

3 dolphins

Day 5.

I woke feeling quite energetic and bright. It was the first morning I actually could see a change in my  skin and my tummy feels like it has shrunk a bit (bloating – gone). I no longer feel achy nor have headaches. Morning meditation before breakfast with Les further restored my clarity and afterwards we sat outside listening to a talk Lesley gave on how to make your own face creams and deodorants, chemical free of course. We all had a turn at making our own and came away with 2 little pots, one of each.

Making face creams

Afterwards we headed to the temple to beat drums and clang symbols to engage with our inner child just for ‘fun’. It was these little ‘extra’ things that made the week so fulfilling.  I’ve had a week of complete self nurture aided by some very dedicated people who love nothing more than to help others grow and become stronger.  As I said goodbye to each fellow detoxifier, they felt like extended family and I even felt a little sad. When would I see these beautiful folk again? Also I need to mention the amazing cooks here, Elvie and John who were so friendly, fun and prepared all our meals with TLC. And now my morning cup of tea has transformed into a) tongue scraping b) oil pulling c) a psyllium shake.  I feel so grateful that the Universe opened this opportunity my way… and can only say two words that seem so inadequate … but from my heart .. thank you.  

To check out the detox program at heartland just go to their website above.

2 thoughts on “Detoxing at Heartland Retreat, Gympie.

  1. GORGEOUS LONI!!!!!!

    Thankyou and well done! All the pics & everything wonderful. Les will send it out next week……! So another 1000 or so will read your review! Hope it leads to MORE writing events!!!!!!!!! (Write a little “blurb” for your intro? “Available for reviews!” or something!) Love you sis xxxxxxxxx


  2. What a wonderful insight to the program – this will help many of us make a choice whether to participate as we have a first hand experience of it. Hope you successfully continued with the process, and still feeling great. It would be lovely to have a recipe book of these delicious meals.

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