Nanny Files

After 2 months ‘off’ looking after children,  I was looking forward to catching up with Mr 4 and Miss ‘newly I’m starting to talk ‘2’. I was greeted with hugs and stories, hand holding and sitting around their tiny table while I watched them eat breakfast. Later, as we drove to miss 2’s child care centre I asked Mr 4, ‘hey you have funny names for your aunty  and your grandmothers (ga ga) so I wonder what kinda name you will give me?

He looks down at his feet and says quietly ‘oh, I don’t know about that Leonie. Cos your NOT an aunty but your definitely NOT as old as my ga ga’….. I was secretly feeling quite happy at his retort and asked ‘well how old is your ga ga ?’ He seriously replies, quick as a flash ‘OH really REALLY Old, I mean, at least 35’ ….

This is one of the reasons I love being around kids. Mind you, one has to be prepared to share your energy with them because as my sister says ‘little kids are for young mums!’  I couldn’t agree more.

Later that day, we walked around GOMA looking at the MARVEL exhibition (I couldn’t understand how so many people lined up and paid $25 to get into that exhibition and sadly realised Ive been barking up the wrong tree, certainly the wrong industry my entire life)…


We also wandered through the dinosaur exhibition which is good value I think (no entry fee),  sit on a cushion and watch a few photo’s of various dinosaurs. (see below)


As we meandered our way through South bank, we stopped for a lemonade at a cafe en route. I was feeling a tad guilty having to continually say “No”to his requests of  ” but why can’t I buy a super hero toy?’ I patiently explained  ‘I only have so much money for entry fee, parking and lunch’…whilst silently wondering should I even explain that much to a 5 year old?  Maybe that’s too much info for his little brain to process,  perhaps we are both better off with a from assertive, ‘NO’ and let’s sort of move along kind of attitude.

After we arrived home, I took off my shoes and put my feet up.  He asked what I was doing … ‘I’m having a 10 minute rest because my feet are sore’ .  He then enquires ‘why they are sore?’ I look at my phone Ap and see that we have actually walked 4.5 kms (I’m very impressed that there was not one utterance of ‘I’m tired of walking’ from him!)

I replied ‘I have a bunion. It hurts after I’ve walked a lot. See how my big toe is growing sideways. ‘Hmm’ he says again, ‘my ga ga is a doctor. She could fix this. You should go to her house.’

‘Yes, but then I can’t walk for 6 weeks’.

He looks at my feet thoughtfully, sort of rubs his hand knowingly over his chin, glances back at me and says ‘well, you’re really going to have to find a way to deal with that.’


2 thoughts on “Nanny Files

  1. ha ha ha love that loni!!!! I was WITH you all the way! Cant stand those stupid super heros!!!!!! What on earth do they see in them.?


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