The slides of life…

I sat with my friend J at the waters edge enjoying our final evening together. We watched the water slapping the foreshore and observed the sky change colours several times during the hour. Clouds moved, colours faded, the grey grew darker…We chatted about our friendship over the past weeks and I thanked him for being a friend someone I could paddle board with, I was someone he could confide in. Not easy for the alpha male at times. We were very helpful for each other, as he was recovering from a marriage break up and I was going through a personal issue myself. It made me realise that everyone is fighting some sort of secret battle, we just don’t often share it with one another. But we had each endured heartache over the past weeks and both been a shoulder when needed and I think back to our ‘chance’ meeting on the beach the morning I arrived, or was it?

pic 2 sunset

It made me think about that saying ‘you always get what you need but you may not get what you want.’ How true that’s been in my life and in particular these past weeks. I came to the Bay to write, to rest up, to slow the pace down. I ended up doing a 6 weeks women’s course, making a few new friends and enjoying delicious beach walks. So often we make lists of our ‘wants’ and at times are encouraged to do so – in the whole ‘attract it in brigade’ … but really in essence we can get by with very little. What do we truly need? What is really important? If we only had a year left to live where would we place out attention? What makes our hearts sing? What’s our true purpose here ?

pic 1 sunset

Maybe things occur simply when they’re meant to. If we believe in fate and destiny, we can let go of the ever present stressful striving that our planet demands of us and relax a little more? Then, perhaps in our relaxed being we can glean a little more wisdom?

pic 3 sunset

Any thoughts?

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