For the strugglers….

As I say farewell to the beautiful bay I’m filling my cup with peace and quietude and pray for hope to all who are struggling to find meaning in life. Ive met a few whilst I’ve been here,  a man who lost his only son 4 years ago, a lady who’s husband just walked out and a new friend who just lost her beloved pet.


I watched a program the other night about a young single mum in Sydney, living on $15 a day. I remembered back to my single mum days and remembered that there were sometimes 2 – 3 days before pension day that I wouldn’t have any money either. The feeling of constant angst, worrying if things were going to get any better infiltrated my state of being pretty much all the time. The show was highlighting the brilliant work of the Salvation Army and the interviewer showed such a beautiful depth of compassion. Afterwards he said something that stayed with me, ‘next time you hear people bragging about how much their properties are worth spare a thought to people like this young lady who struggles to pay rent, ($325 a week for a bedsit) through no fault of her own, while she raises her son.’

I reflected back 30 years,  when my mother gave me $1000 so I could buy a car. In perfect syncronicity a friend who was helping someone who’s hubby had just passed away and she was selling his car. My friend asked about it, knowing I was looking. It was a perfect buy at $900 ! Funnily enough, my little boy somehow discovered one day while poking his hands down the front seat – coins! It was always a 10 or 20 cent piece but it bought so much excitement in his little world. It always fills me with a warmth whenever I think about that. We would sit together and sing a song I’d learned from the Relaxation Centre about money….. money is coming la la la laaa.

Funny the things that happen in life.



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