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There’s a lot to be said for slowing down the pace, having time out…. time with the self. Sometimes you have to fight your own self talk, the pesky inner critic which whispers ‘your being selfish’…. and ‘who do you think you are missy?’


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And so, as my final weeks are nearing, I’m devouring each day, every walk on the beach, each meditation, growing deeper, enjoying the silence… as well as looking forward to and loving the long nights of peaceful sleep under my fleecy sheets. No airplane noise to wake me from my dream state, no dogs barking or kids waking early.

There is a simple glow to slowing the pace…

HBay sunrise 2

Taking time out to simply be… alone time… to connect with your own inner richness. It is indeed a beautiful gift we can give ourselves. Instead of doing, giving, rushing… living unconsciously in co dependant ways which I too have been guilty of. We can all take time out in serene environments to bask in the stillness of NOW…. and get back to the self. Surely this is the greatest gift we will ever learn to do?

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2 Replies to “Be the serenity…”

  1. Beautiful sis!!!! Love your words and photos. Nice with the lady standing in the foreground as well. Lovely.

    Love you xxxxx


  2. pity you wont be here for this…….



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