More musings of a ex serial dater

Honestly, before we start seriously dating we could all do ourselves a great favour, enter therapy and take an inventory of ourselves! I’m not pointing the finger here because I too, have experienced unrequited love in the dating arena. I too have ‘stuff’ I have to deal with. I too, am far from perfect, out there in the dating arena of which I’ve frequented I’ve met many…. Soooo many….

Lets meet a few.

Mr Negative: Lots of his conversations start with ‘you women’….You can feel his angst but aren’t sure why he is directing it at you cos you’ve only just met him. Then you realize, it’s NOT about you. It’s about him. Move on as quickly as you can from this dude. He has nothing but bad news he’s about to dump on you.

Mr Lovely, the type you could certainly take home, and just as you are thinking along such lines suddenly he shows you one annoying habit. Sniffing his snot back, that horrid throaty noise. Ugh. Then you realize he does it – constantly.

The New Age Guy: ‘ It’s all about love and loving babe. NO expectations, just be in the present moment and allow yourself to feel the love. It’s a vibe, a wave you won’t want to stop riding’ ….. yeah yeah…

Mr Therapist : ‘I noticed you flinch slightly when I said ‘so and so.’ Does this mean you have an unresolved negative core belief? Have you done much work on your negative core beliefs? Maybe I can help you…’

Mr Conscious’ : Wow, I feel your energy, we are so great together! Maybe your from another planet and we have met for some higher purpose…. Of course the way we get there is by…..

Mr Chatterbox – he wants to tell you his life story, the life stories of all his friends. He rarely draws a breath and doesn’t notice your eyes glazing over.

Mr Insensitive – he doesn’t see anything wrong with inviting you over to meet his roomy whom happens to be smacked out of their brain. He wonders why you choose to leave after awkwardly sizing up the situation. His calls of ‘they’re not that bad’ ring in your ears as you reverse out of his driveway.

Mr Alcoholic – he wants to tell you everything that’s wrong with him. In particular the chart on his wall that he puts a star on every night he resists drinking.

Mr Miser: He mentions the lack of money all the time or refers to his budget on dates that leaves you wondering ‘can you afford a relationship?’ Why are you even dating?

Of course, we have more positive men too!:

Mr Creative: he happily encourages you in your creative endeavour’s and calls to check how you’re getting on, words of support ringing in my ear (thanks D)

Mr Caring: He makes you a cuppa and patiently sits to listen as you unravel your latest disaster date.

Mr Active: hey. I bought half price vouchers to eat at blah, then we will go for a cycle ride to Sandgate and back … followed by a hot chai on my verandah. What about it?

Mr Dependable: He’s always there for you, turns up on time, opens the car door, makes sure your looked after and ok, not only dependable but also a gentleman…

There are many more of course, but that’s it for todays blog.

3 thoughts on “More musings of a ex serial dater

  1. Yep I get what you are saying, especially those out on dating sites…and for every mister there is a ms and they fit together like hand and gloves cos she carries all her baggage and is just as probably have a similiar list but it would contain self centred princess …just another selfie…only if you wear labels and have money designer house…awareness is a great thing…sometimes we only get it from hurt and pain..its unavoidable..I am not condoning deeply pathological unsafe relationships in this….thanks Leonie

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