Ya can feel the serenity….

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There is something refreshing about going for a late afternoon walk and watching young teens amid older couples walking down the long jetty at Urangan, fishing rods in one hand a bucket in the other settling in for a different kind of a Saturday evening.

fish 2

I read the other day that we require 2 hours of being in nature on a regular basis. It’s scientifically proven that we need to be infused with natures energy! It helps keep us grounded, calm, we feel more enthused and mentally optimistic. Science tells us ‘being in nature has a restorative effect apon our minds emotions and bodies’. Researchers found interacting with nature such as walking in the park helped improve memory and attention no matter what the season. Short term memory improved by 20% . So, whether your into fishing or not, it makes a somewhat pleasant change seeing kids playing in the sand as mum and dad throw out a line, watching the sun slowly sink beneath the horizon. Hey you might even catch a biggie…

fishing 1


Not all kids are lost in a world of wifi or cinema TV screens on their walls at home. Not all are glued to their I phones or playing the latest games. I guess that’s the advantage of living in a country town. Parents feel relatively safe letting their kids explore whilst they all enjoy what nature has to offer instead of being couped up inside. It’s a different pace of life up here, that’s for sure, but one that I could see, being fully embraced by younger families because of that. We get to slow down. We get to connect with the community, we say hello to one another on our morning walks or cycle rides. I must say, it’s a pleasant change to working out in a busy gym where people mostly avoid eye contact. Even though I appreciate all that a city has to offer, I think I’m sold on living a simpler life where I can hear the oceans waves or the wind in the tree’s and having roots close to nature, ahh the serenity.



3 Replies to “Ya can feel the serenity….”

  1. Gorgous Loni Joy!!! I guess thats why we love the green green grass of home. All the hills, the wild deer, the wallabies and I have even fed a “peach face” bird the last 2 mornings. He seems to be happy to “talk” to me!!! I wonder where he has come from. Anyway, I agree, the country is for me too xxx

  2. beautiful writing & photos Loni!!!!

    Today we were talking about “what we can do” and the many many choices we have!!!

    One idea was to put more horses down the back to keep the grass down. And I have already found 3 horsies that need a home – in Gympie.

    Getting the staff to run the place – with facilitators – without us…… we will look for a manager (so talk to us if thats something you;d like to do). The manager would get the retreat ready (shopping & unpacking veggies etc) cleaning all tables & chairs, its about 1/2 a days work before a retreat to get all the “little” jobs done. The shopping & unpacking takes about 4 hours. Coles now has a “pick & pay” in Gympie, we haven’t done it yet but will do! So much easier ordering online & just picking it up.

    we would like the manager to do a bit of garden tidying but no heavy mowing or anything like that.

    Perhaps doing the breaky/supper, turning lights off at night (hard for us when we want to go to bed),

    anyway….. having actually written the list out of the manager jobs, but after each retreat you could always take off for a few days….. then come back to get retreat ready…… or spend a few days writing!

    Anyway, ideas ideas ideas!!!!

    At least there would be no rent, wifi, gas or electricity costs. Plus tuck away food for the off week to save money.

    Must away, settle in for a night of telly! XXXXXXXXX


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