Tranquil, peaceful, azure waters…. great cafes, wonderful places to explore, Frazer island within cooee….  its hard to find a negative in this delightful seaside town 3 hours north of Brissie. Although it’s seen a boost in real estate prices over the last few years (what seaside place hasn’t) it’s still got an air of early Bribie or Cribb island days although it’s changing fast. I was surprised to see the growth of the bay from the dozen or so years it’s been since I was last here.


hb fishing


palms HB

Weather is spectacular, still around 28 with chilly mornings, brisk and fresh for those early morning walks along the pier. There are many walking tracks under shady trees which add to the unique feel of Hervey Bay.

beach hb

There’s lots of water activities to partake in, kayacking and stand up paddle boards are popular on this expansive bay…. boating and fishing also a great option, although yesterday I noticed at the sea rescue station that around 60 vessels had to be rescued in the last month! I assume it’s once people get over to the ocean that problems surface….


2 Replies to “Beautiful bay of hervey”

  1. GORGOUS sis!!!!!!! You should be a blooming travel writer, the pics are beautiful!

    We are going to finish jobs today, shopping & mowing to name a few…. so we can chill out tomorrow & maybe do some art… or read a book. 3 guests arriving sunday . enjoy your day! Text me if Robbie is coming? Love you xxxxxxxx


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