The Healing Power of Mediumship

The power of hope and soul healing is the true gift of a medium

I listened to a medium speak recently about his struggles with being a medium.  The heightened sensitivity was a issue and as he threw his hands in the air said ‘who would be a medium – really? It’s not as easy as it looks.’

And i get that – 100% .  The heightened sensitivity to everything especially to other peoples vibrations, air craft noise that fly constantly overhead, traffic, sirens and walking around a shopping centre can totally drain you. Negativity can de-rail you if your feeling more vulnerable than usual and yep, it can be totally exhausting on every level. Throw in the mix our working lives which help support ourselves as we develop our spiritual gifts.

Yet, there are things we can actively do to help our sensitivity.  We can incorporate more tranquility into our lives, either by choosing our living environment wisely or sitting daily in meditation to help strengthen our selves. Preferably both. Taking time out is vital too, I know sometimes I’ve been too busy, running here, there, helping, working until there’s not much left in the tank.

And it’s so important to have our energy in tact! It’s our vital life force, our connection to the earth, our state of health physically and emotionally which needs to be kept strong in order to do this extraordinary work.

Make no mistake about it – it is extraordinary rewarding, poignant work when we begin to work with the subtle energies of the spirit world. It is soul to soul work. It is real. Listening for the whispers on the breeze, the intuitive insights, the flashes of feeling as the spirit realm attempt to communicate through us, the channel, to reach someone who is living. Someone who needs to know that life goes on.

As a medium, we have the unique ability to touch a human living soul on the deepest level. We are true healers. When you can bring through evidence that a soul is still around,  that a loved one continues to watch over you, walk alongside you, smile at your quirky ways, well, that is God’s work. Nothing more, nothing less.

A medium demonstrates the unique power of healing, not of the body, but of the soul.  There is no greater gift as far as I’m concerned. They can also be powerful conductors of healing energy too, should they wish to help heal bodies. For me, it was the message of hope that was given after my brother died by Doris Stokes that was my life changer.

There is no greater meaning to life than living in spirit, having a knowledge of spirit and helping those that need to know that their loved ones are closer than they know. So to all my fellow mediums out there, please don’t give up on your journey. Your gift is needed.

And the journey is worth it.


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