Breakin Good & Shades of Hope…

I have found a show that I cannot wait to watch next week on Australian Story. It follows on from my last blog about people facing adversity and overcoming immense *stuff*…  Overcoming challenges like kicking drugs, booze, cigarettes.

I’ll put the link here. I hope it inspires you. Pass it onto someone who might get something from it. The full program airs next Monday night 10th April.

Breakin Good   This is my story

We have to look at other ways to deal with addicts and I think this guy’s no nonsense advice (from what I’ve so far watched) hits the proverbial nail directly on the head.

Another show I’ve been watching is a show on Netflix that is helping over eaters, bulimics and anorexics face their disease in a 28 day live in program. It’s fascinating to watch and see the universal problems and issues that underlie so many of us human’s lives –  here it is

Or this young lady who is a powerful inspiration herself… Elizabeth Smart

Enjoy, leave me your thoughts or comments, they’re always welcome in loni land. xx


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