Mind your step….

Today I was walking my little charge to ‘prep’ and there was a sign which said ‘Mind your step, uneven ground’….  he asked ‘what does that mean?’ So I explained it as best I could and afterwards began thinking about our pathway through life. So much of it is on uneven ground, bumps, problems, issues that come along – it’s inevitable isn’t it? And I’m kinda glad because I don’t know about you but I’ve met people along the path of life who haven’t had the same bumps along the way and to be honest, I find them hard to relate to them. They are a little shallow. They lack fibre. Understanding, compassion.

So this life of problems, of issues to overcome, of your path suddenly getting twisty when you think your about to turn onto a home ward stretch, this is the stuff that we ought to welcome in with open arms. This is the stuff that makes us into whom we are. I am in awe of someone I know who used to be homeless and yet pulled herself out of that situation and got herself into a uni degree. That takes guts. Courage many people will never know.

I love those stories of people who fall, who falter, who come so close to wanting to throw it all in but for some reason, they hang in there, they live to fight another day… these are the people I want to sit and converse with. These are the souls who have compassion with others because they have tasted defeat, they have touched the dark night of the soul and as a result, they have something intangible that runs through their veins.


Someone said to me recently ‘surely we don’t have to experience pain to have compassion for others?’ and no, of course not. But I do think you can explain how it feels to give birth a million times but until you experience it, they are only words.  The older I grow and the more experiences I notch up under my belt I am convinced life is about growing emotionally stronger. It’s about making sense of things, as confusing as ‘things’ sometime seem and developing our inner rudder, that source of strength that helps to guide us in times of turmoil.

Silver Birch talks about feeling sorry for those who are comfortable. Because there is no growth in comfort. All soul growth comes from toil, from overcoming adversity, from facing difficulties. I hope you take solace from this post. It’s meant to spread some light, to help shine apon your path…. never give up…. grow and embrace that growth….

And that all came from ‘mind your step…. uneven ground…. ‘ haha.



Mick Leary

My brother.  Mick.  He was 24 when he ended his life.

I was 19…..

He was laugh out loud funny.


As a kid I’d spy him walking up the drive way with his surfer mates (aged 15 -16 ) and feel the thrill of excitement wash over me. I thought  (in my pre teen mind) that ‘they’ were all so cool, good looking, funny and ‘if only’ I could join them,  (which seemed a distant fantasy.) They lived to surf and since our house was 2 streets from the beach…. it was ‘the pad’ to go to after a surf. I’d walk into the kitchen some mornings when they would arrive back and hang around hoping (praying) for a scrap of attention. Even a ‘hey lon’ would have done.. but they were too intent sitting around the toaster warming their frozen hands amid stifled laughs and cooking toast to satisfy their starving stomachs to notice me…..


Thats Mick, with the blonde locks.


Ymick 2 formal.JPG

There he is again, the blonde with a cigar (how did he get away with that?) The groovy 70’s

mick surfing comp.JPG

Here he is again, (I didn’t even know about the surf comp until coming to Albany and staying with Bill)… thanks for this surprise article Bill !


Once again I sat here, cried and whispered to his spirit.

It’s been a long time between grave sits and for 20 odd years I couldn’t bear to touch foot on Albany soil because of it. But time really does heal. His wonderful exciting musically creative spirit lives on… we can speak now, more from the heart now that time has passed. I can sit with his best mate and both be OK with our tears.

There is power in just being with the memories.

And making peace with what was.


and so the end is nigh …

The end of my trip…. caused me to think a lot about what’s important. Who’s important. Why I’m here. What I’m doing. What I still want to achieve…. and most importantly how we all have the opportunity to touch each other’s lives in positive ways. Every day.


Sometimes things don’t go as ‘we’ planned and yet something far more poignant springs from the experience. I am grateful to be on this journey. Immensely grateful to have my health. And very grateful to live in a beautiful safe country as Australia.


Thanks Albany, my beautiful friends I have connected with once again …. decades have passed and yet we were able to pick up where we left off. West Aus holds such a special place in my heart. It always will. Its often the unspoken which holds the most power…


Love your gypsy girl xx