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Loni joy

10 reasons why you should visit Albany

You can feel, see, smell the serenity…


IMG_6012.JPG10 things I love about ALBANY and why it’s worth a visit!

  1. Albany has beaches everywhere – where the sand feels like powder….and where you can walk and not pass another person (often)
  2. There are also rivers, the Kalgan and King …
  3. It doesn’t take long to navigate your way around town (there’s NO traffic lights)
  4. Any direction you take will lead you someplace different and equally stunning in scenery, but get off the beaten track a little, visit beaches outside the town….
  5. It’s cool climate  is a nice escape from QLD (well, a little too cool in winter..)
  6. There are many yummy coffee shops that have popped up serving very decent coffee  AND a new Entertainment centre which looks pretty impressive and attract some great bands and shows.
  7. There are still lovely little cottages (heritage listed) around town some built of stone… Also churches, the town hall the old primary school gorgeous buildings
  8. Theres a lot of history here – The FORTS – where the ships left Australia in WW1 and a new ANZAC museum – worth seeing (apart from the old Whaling Station)
  9. You can still buy a  house here for under 200k (ok, not the normal price but I did see some around)
  10. The views from the hills in town are stupendous. IMG_6000.JPGimg_5961

3 comments on “10 reasons why you should visit Albany

  1. trudi ellen says:

    really beautiful photos loni! Make sme wanna go back! ha ha

  2. faymc says:

    Love your amazing pics and the reminders of why we locals live here in #AmazingAlbany.

    1. Gypsy Joy says:

      It is an amazing place that’s for sure fay xx

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