The Gap & scenic picnic spots

IMG_5963.JPGA few kms from Albany along the coast is the formidable GAP. They’ve built a viewing platform nowadays which just accentuates the distance.


As a kid there were 3 places we regularly took visitors from Perth. They were, the Whaling station (thankfully it closed down in the early 80’s) The Gap and The Blowholes.

IMG_5973.JPGFurther on from the Gap is a lovely picnic area called Frenchmans Bay. Another spot you can go to and not see another soul for miles and this is what is special about Albany. You can still have a beach to yourself. The town is surrounded by them but I’m not sure how many I’ll get to go to in the next few days…. its been so rainy these past few days it hasn’t exactly been ‘beach weather’…


There is little doubt, Albany still tugs at my heart. I’ve missed the wide open spaces. The rawness of the scenery. Its changed a lot since I lived here in the 70’s… (sounds like such a long time ago now)….  but its natural beauty will live on….


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