West Coast Beaches

midd 4.JPG

Middelton Beach, Albany, where I grew up.. They have put a large net up now, which is kinda reassuring when you swim. As a kid, I learned to swim there, among the seaweed and ever present fear of what could be lurking beyond….


IMG_5918.JPGThere is a rawness in the west. A feeling of untouched beauty. The chill in the air reminds you where you are. So does the freshness of the water. Sometimes difficult to get in but so invigorating when you do. Blue Holes is a remote beach, known for it’s surf and fishing.

IMG_5931.JPGIs it no wonder that beaches are the place that I go to to rebalance my soul, reunite with my higher self. I feel whole again after spending time on her shores. Its getting back to basics again. What’s real, what’s important? What if I only had a year to live, what would my priorities be?

IMG_5928.JPGThere is also something unique about walking on a beach with no one else around. You can still have this luxury in the south west…


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