Day 2 Fontys Pool -Manjimup

IMG_5844.JPGAfter an amazing 8 km hike up some pretty big hills around Bridgetown at 6 am this morning, and a sumptuous Australia day breakfast at the show grounds, my friend decided to take me to Fontys Pool for a swim. 25 minutes away is a town called Manjimup, known for its market gardens, fruit orchards, popular Truffle farm and Fontys Pool.  Fontys as it’s affectionally known by locals,  was created in 1907 by the Fontanini family, officially opening in 1925. There’s a wealth of history to read up on if your interested Mr Fontanini ended up with an MBE award for his outstanding contribution to tourism.


Under new management these days and combined with a caravan park it’s a popular picnic spot for locals and tourists alike.

The water is incredibly refreshing and with a variety of shady tree’s lining the parkland amid plenty of spots to hide away from the midday sun. Just delightful!


so, if you happen to be in the south west and your looking for somewhere different to hang out, swim, camp or take your van to…. head on over to Fontys.


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